Looking for someone to help you overcome road bumps, grow your business and create your ultimate freelance lifestyle?

The Freelance Lifestyle blog was created in 2011, to provide female freelancers with down-to-earth support, news and practical advice. Since then, the community has morphed into that friendly and honest place I dreamt of visiting when I first started out. The space to open up about the struggles of freelancing, to vent, and to connect with others on the same path. From that little blog, came a podcast, a Facebook community, an online school and now, coaching.

But before I welcome you into the club with open arms (metaphorically speaking – personal space is sacred!) you need some clarity.

You want to figure out exactly why, when and how to ditch the 9 to 5.

You’re ready to start working (and living) your way. You need to focus your goals (and really get to grips with the practicalities). You’re also a bit nervous (or even scared) about taking those steps, and need support from someone who gets it.

You’re craving the confidence you see others show. You want to find smart solutions to streamline your freelance life.

You want balance. You could be a mum juggling work and freelancing, an exhausted office worker looking to take back control or you simply want to be able to LOVE what you do.

An introduction.

I’m Emma, career and life coach for freelancers, i.e. the person who can help you figure out all of that stuff. Known in some circles as #betterthangoogle (true story). Through 1-1 coaching, I will help YOU get focused, get accountable, and get going.

I help worker bees realise they can be queen.

Yes, it takes more than just a twitch of the nose, but it’s nowhere near as daunting as it seems. We can work on those struggles that are getting you down.

Maybe you’re an introvert, itching to feel comfortable in your square hole.

Maybe your mindset needs some mojo.

Maybe you just need someone who understands (because hell, we all have people in our lives that dismiss freelancing as a risky move, despite the fact that freelancers actually spread the risk by working for multiple clients at once, rather than throwing all their eggs in one basket).

Regardless, I’ve got you covered. I’ve spent years building up my own freelance business. I’ve been a pro blogger, a social media consultant, a copywriter, a teacher and now a freelancing mum… but my passion is helping women just like you take the next step. Just imagine, your life could be transformed. You may not be a copper-haired mermaid, surrounded by sailors bearing jewels, but… y’know. Close second.

Interested in 1-2-1 coaching?

Some of the areas I help with:

  • Helping to identify goals and an action plan
  • Identifying income streams to improve income flow
  • Creating boundaries and structure for better work/life balance
  • Developing regular routines to make business and life go smoother
  • Implementing a pitching routine to avoid the feast or famine cycle
  • Social media tools and online workflows to improve the productivity of your business
  • Identifying limiting beliefs that are holding you back (e.g. imposter syndrome, confidence at networking events, self-belief)Sound good?

Check out my packages below and hit the chat button  (it’s the pop up on the right of this page) if you have any questions. Then scroll down to book!


Half Day Sessions: £599 (payment plan available)

‣Pre-work session to make sure we can dive straight in to the important stuff

‣ A half day coaching session to focus on the development of your business and you as a freelancer 

‣ An action plan to identify and work on the changes you want to see in your business and life.

‣ Coaching exercises personalised for your needs, to dive into the deep stuff and make lasting changes.

‣ A follow up e-mail after the call with a summary of our session and a list of useful resources or contacts. 

‣ A 30 minute follow up call a month later to check in with you.

‣ Annual membership to the Freelance Business Lounge a hub of bundles of resources for your freelance business, from courses to templates, and the Facebook group where you’ll be able to join weekly group coaching calls and accountability sessions. 

Three month package: 3 x 90 minute monthly session + access to the Freelance Business Lounge group and resources hub: £249 per month (£747 total, or £699 if you can pay up front)

If you’re looking for support, accountability, coaching exercises and the space to work on your business, this is the package for you. We’ll create your 90 day goals, bust through any blocks you have, and create and an accountability plan to stick to it. Plus you’ll get access to the Freelance Business Lounge, a hub of bundles of resources for your freelance business, from courses to templates, and the Facebook group where you’ll be able to join weekly group coaching calls and accountability sessions. 

Sessions take place over Skype or Zoom.


Susie Boutal

“Emma is a sensitive and practical coach. She balances the sessions with teasing out the crux of a situation by asking insightful questions, with tips and tricks and ideas that help you solve blocks yourself. Emma has worked as an employee and also, as she is now, as an established freelancer. Knowing both sides of the fence gives her an immense credibility which coupled with her boundless wisdom and suggestions makes you feel nothing is impossible. I would highly recommend Emma as a professional coach to anyone wanting to bring success into their lives.”

Laura Agar Wilson

“After just an hour with Emma I had clarity on where I was taking my business and an action plan to help me get it there. She gave me loads of ideas and helped me take a fresh look at what I was doing, as well as giving me motivation to get there”

Daire Paddy

“Emma is the first person I go to to talk about anything, whether it’s work, personal, or utterly random. She is a great sounding board whenever I need to vent, she has SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE that she is always happy to share and her practical approach always helps me calm down and identify exactly what’s getting in my way (and what I should do next). It’s unreal the amount that talking to Emma helps me live life. More than anything, she has helped me to believe in myself. She is always there, always kind, always encouraging and I LOVE HER.”

Lea Rice

“Emma’s coaching sessions bring so much clarity to any project in such a short amount of time, I honestly don’t know how she does it. She basically helped me get my passive income stream up and running within half a day, AND busted through some business blocks in my client Work too! She’s also a super supportive coach long after the session ends and has helped me so much by being my cheerleader. I adore Emma!”

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