• Why Become A Freelancer? (Infographic)

    If you’ve ever pondered whether to quit the rat race and become a freelancer, some of the statistics in the infographic above offer a compelling argument. It was particularly interesting to see that 93% of freelancers are happier since branching out on their own, and 62% have seen an increase in their income.  Source: Mashable

    Click on the image above to see the whole infographic.

    Are you tempted to go freelance?

  • Create your own infographic

    I love a good infographic. It’s such an easy way to view a whole lot of information in one glance. And if you have the skills and knowledge to create your own infographic, it can be a wonderful way to get lots of traffic and awareness of your brand out there (especially if you get featured on sites like Mashable or Social Media Today).

    I don’t have the design skills to create my own, but a new site – – hopes to give everyone a chance to create their own infographic.

    They’ve got a section where you can enter your own Twitter name to create an infographic (which can also pitch you against another Twitter user). It looks like we’ll be able to make our own infographics based on other topics too soon.

    Here’s mine:

    If you’re more of a work geek, you might prefer Wordle. Add your favourite words, URL or Delicious username and it’ll create a fabulous word jumble like the below (based on my blog url).


    Do you know of any other tools for creating infographics?