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  • The A-Z of Freelancing: Garden offices, extensions and treehouses


    Freelancing and working from home often goes hand in hand. Which is great, but it can sometimes make the whole work/life balance thing tricky. I’ve talked a lot on the blog about the difficulties of sticking to work hours, and the problems with friends and family not respecting your workspace. Thankfully, freelancing doesn’t mean you have to work from your sofa (you can, obviously. In fact, I often prefer it). But you can work from a co-working space, a coffee shop, a library or from one of the increasingly creative garden offices and sheds around.

    For example, did you know you could work in one of the following unusual workspaces?

    Obviously most of them are pricey (I was lucky that the previous owners of our house had already built an office on to the side of the garage), but a freelancer can dream, right?

    Check out ShedWorking and WorkFromHomeWisdom for a few more unusual working from home options.

    If you could build a dream office at home, what would it be like?

  • Delightful Desk Details: Indoor Allotment

    This week, I’ve been giving my desk area a bit of a spring clean. It’s been….under-used the last few months. Not because I haven’t been working, but because I’ve mainly been working from the comfort of my sofa where it’s warm and cosy.

    Hearing whispers of actual sunshine this weekend, I found a little time to start working on clearing out all the stuff I’ve been dumping in my little garden office, and turning it back into a working environment. I’ve also been thinking about how I can add a little more life to the place, particularly after reading Penny Golightly’s new blog Golightly Gardens (an excellent thrifty gardening blog).

    Green living

    When this indoor allotment (£24.99 from MenKind) popped up in my inbox, I couldn’t resist. Small enough to keep on your desk, but big enough to grow three types of herbs – Coriander, Basil and Oregano.

    If you prefer something a little more temporary, you might want to hop on over to Postcarden. They do a wide selection of mini gardens that arrive in the post, you guessed it, in postcard form. I’m a sucker for the village cottage version.

    Are you giving your desk or office area a spring clean? What detail are you lusting after?

  • Setting Up A Home Office – an infographic

    Setting up a Home Office – An infographic by the team at Setting up a home office inforgraohic

    Just a quick post today with an infographic created for the lovely Work From Home Wisdom team. The UK site is run by Judy Heminsley, and it’s got a HUGE collection of photos people have submitted of their home offices – so she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to setting up a home office.

    Have a browse of her office galleries if you get a minute. Or an hour. You can then submit your own office by emailing a picture over to them. I’m planning to do that…as soon as my desk looks less like a bomb site.

  • Pretty panels = instant home office

    Earlier this week, I was contacted about some sliding panels you can have in your home to divide a room. I know quite a few freelancers and home workers reading this won’t have the luxury of an office area at home, or a room they can get some peace and quiet in, so this seems like a great alternative. Install the sliding panel across a section of your room (for example, if you have a large lounge or spacious spare room), and you’ve got instant office space. Then once you’re done, you can slide it back across again.

    Actually, can I have one of these in every room to hide my untidiness behind? A tidy side for guests, and an untidy side where the clothes bomb has gone off?

    The panels are from The Fabric Box, and there’s a ridiculous amount of choice. Here are a few of my favourites below.

    Prices start from £77.84. This isn’t a sponsored post, I just think it’s a charming idea (and cheaper than building an extension!)

    How do you create an office space at home?