• Catch up on The Freelance Lifestyle Q&A

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    Last night, I had my first big Q&A for The Freelance Lifestyle, answering questions like:

    • How do I get into being freelance?
    • How to find time for learning new things in your industry when keeping on top of your work load?
    • What to do in a freelance slump (either mentally or from a lack of work situation)
    • How to maintain confidence when being a freelancer
    • I’ve pitched an article idea. Ed said may use in future mag edition. How do I follow up without seeming pushy
    • How do I deal with filming a Hangout in a boiling hot room where ventilation is limited due to the extra loud wildlife outside (Spoiler! Not well)

    My good friend Sally from Flourish PR joined me, and shared some of her insights too. Particularly worth checking out her thoughts on how to follow up on a pitched idea, and how to deal with a freelance slump. Sally has done stupendously well in the last couple of years,

    If you want to catch up, I’ve popped the hangout below. Potentially if enough of you are interested, I might just make it a monthly 30 min thing with a theme (finance, finding clients, family/friends), and grab some other lovely freelancers to jump on too. There are some kinks to iron out, like where to film (I may or may not have run around the house in a bit of a tizz in the 5-10 minutes before trying to find somewhere with good lighting. I failed). No one ever started doing something perfectly though, did they? I’m a big fan of jumping in and planning as I go. Clearly.

    That’s enough chattering. Tune in below to see….well, more of me chattering.

    p.s Who’s coming to Blognix tomorrow? Looking forward to seeing all your faces! 

    p.p.s The next few weeks are likely to be a little unusual on the blog as I’m off on honeymoon on Thursday (finally). If you fancy guest posting about your freelancing experiences (freelancers only please, no businesses who want to argue the basics of nofollow policies and sponsored posts) drop me an email!

  • The Freelance Lifestyle answers YOUR questions this Thursday at 7.30pm!

    This week’s Freelance Lifestyle Tea Break Challenge is a bit of a different one. If you’re on my mailing list, you’ll know that I emailed all my subscribers this morning with a FREE copy of the 30 Day Freelancing Challenge ebook. I did this for two reasons – 1) I really appreciate it when people take the time to sign up to and read The Freelance Lifestyle and 2) I get a bit ridiculous when the sunshine comes out.

    Anyway, I wanted to follow that up with a Google+ hangout to answer any questions you might have about freelancing. It’ll be an hour long, and streamed live to YouTube, so if you miss it you can catch up there.

    Want your question answered? You’ve got a few options.

    I’ve recorded a three minute Freelance Lifestyle Tea Break Challenge below to go over the details.

     What questions would YOU like answered?