• Freelance Book Of The Month: Jump Start 2013

    Happy New Year everyone! How’s your head? Are all those new year’s resolutions looking a little more intimidating now you actually have to do them?

    I appear to have kick-started 2013 by publishing the wrong post a month early. Oops! This month’s Freelance Book Of The Month is actually Penny Golightly’s rather brilliant Jump Start 2013 eBook.

    In the spirit of a fresh new year, I thought it might be useful to feature a book that helps you improve your life over the space of a month. With the tax return deadline approaching at the end of the month, it’s a great opportunity to get your finances in good shape and develop some other good habits too. Which is why Penny Golightly’s ebook Jump Start 2013 is rather brilliant. Jump Start 2013 is a collection of small daily actions to help you improve your life.

    Jump Start 2013 is split into five themed weeks – personal finance, decluttering, tenner week, healthy week and reflect and look ahead week. Each day has a small task that can be easily slotted into your daily routine. If you’ve got a lot of resolutions lined up, this is a great way to achieve them – little steps rather than battling against huge intimidating ideas.

    Penny’s writing style is warm and friendly, so you feel like it’s helpful advice from a friend. I love that each task only takes a couple of minutes to read, and most of them don’t take longer than an hour. January is usually a quiet month, so it’s a great opportunity to do some life maintenance like this.

    Oh, and it’s just £2.05 on Amazon. Bargain, huh? If you like money-saving tips, Penny Golightly’s blog is well worth a read too.

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  • The #FreelanceUK Twitter chat is back on the 1st January

    I was really chuffed to see how many people turned up for last month’s Twitter #freelanceuk chat to talk about all things freelancing, so I’ve decided to make it a monthly event. On the first Tuesday evening of each month at 6.30pm for an hour, we’ll be talking about a new freelance topic each month.

    In January, the #FreelanceUK Twitter chat will be on the 1st. A lot of people requested the next topic to be about pitching, so feel free to leave a comment below if you have a particular question you want answered. We’ll be discussing everything from how to pitch, to the etiquette of pitching in the Twitter era. If you’re experienced in this area, please feel free to join in the chat and share your advice to up-and-coming freelancers too.

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  • Save the Date: Freelance Twitter Chat on Monday 3rd December

    Who’s on Twitter? Most of you? Marvellous! Let’s have a Twitter chat. I’ve been thinking about doing a Twitter chat on freelancing for a while, and the lovely Sam Sparrow has given me the kick up the butt I needed. So on Monday 3rd December (this Monday coming) at 6:30pm, I’ll be hosting a Twitter chat all about freelancing. I ran a poll a few weeks ago on what you’d like to cover, and the most popular response was “Clients – finding them and managing them”, so that will be the topic. I’m really excited to chat about that topic – I’d love to hear about the methods for how people source clients, and how they manage them around a busy lifestyle.

    Now all we need is a clever hashtag. Any suggestions?

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