• My three favourite Gmail hacks for freelancers

    gmail hacks

    I bloody love Gmail. Yes, it’s buggy. Yes, it has a habit of crashing occasionally. But I love that I can route all my other email addresses from it. I love that I can choose the layout of my Gmail, and route around those pesky sale emails that suck me into a browsing vortex. Most […]

  • Freelance Life: Before and After kids

    freelancing with kids

    Before I had Oscar, I had a very naive idea of how I would mix the freelance life and parenting. I’m not sure if I assumed I’d have one of those children who happily just sat down doing one thing for ages, or I just assumed that I’d have more energy than I do. But the […]

  • 15(ish) more podcasts to add to your listening list


    One of the things I tend to geek out about most is podcasts. I’ve been an avid listening of podcasts for over a decade, and have built up a catalogue of favourites. As I’ve had a few requests recently for recommendations, I wanted to put together an updated list of podcasts to listen to. So, […]

  • How to set your freelance goals for 2017

    freelance goals

    Happy New Year! It’s time to wave goodbye to the mince pies (well, once I’ve finishing the last two in the pack), and start setting some freelance goals to make 2017 your best freelancing yet. Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Here are the steps I take to set freelance goals and keep to them. Step 1: […]