• My favourite freelancing reads

    There are certain books that always sit on my desk. Some are very work-based, while others are for inspiration (or just for picking what I’m going to do for lunch). Sometimes I just prefer to read an actual book with pages rather than scroll, scroll, scroll (although I do have a rising collection of ebooks […]

  • Poll: What are the worst bits of freelancing?

    Last week, I ran a poll asking what your favourite bits of freelancing are. The two winning reasons were “Working on projects I’m passionate about” and “Working hours that suit me – whether they’re 9-5 or 5-1”, followed by  “Working from home” and “Trying lots of new and different projects and working with different people”. […]

  • Not another stuffy LinkedIn group…Homeworkers UK: Freelancers

    Linked In groups are a bit…well, stuffy really aren’t they? Full of cocky hardcore sales types promoting their businesses and trying to persuade you to buy their product or service right now. Not all groups obviously, but a lot of the ones I’ve tried have been filled with those types. (Y’know, the type of people […]

  • Is social media making us a nation of moaners?

    This week, while browsing Facebook pages for work, I noticed one particular big brand offering a special deal in their shops. The deal was a generous one, but restricted to a certain time frame during the day. It didn’t get quite the positive reaction they probably hoped for. While there were some justified complaints about […]

  • Issuu: How to publish your own magazine

    Ever fancied being the next Anna Wintour? Launch your very own magazine? Or just want to embed documents on your blog in an attractive way? That shouldn’t be an Issuu… Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to launch your own online magazine these days (well, as easy as writing an entire magazine can be…) Issuu […]

  • Poll: What are the best bits about being freelance?

    Last week’s poll was all about working hours and when you all work best. The results were quite interesting – with the majority not having a particular work pattern. Sometimes they work early, sometimes they work late. Next came the night owls, followed by the early risers and those that fit life around their family. […]

  • Five ways to deal with freelance fatigue

    At one time or another, every freelancer goes through ‘freelance fatigue’. You’ll feel knackered, uninspired by your workload and feel like you’ve lost your focus. When you work for yourself, days like these can be frustrating as everything relies on you being productive. There’s no one else there to shoulder the workload for you, which […]