• The best books to read about freelancing in 2018

    freelance books

    Got an Amazon credit burning a hole in your pocket? Then you’re a stronger person than I am. I’d have sunk that immediately on unneeded notebooks, too good to be true cheap dresses and iPhone charger cables (I should really start treating those cables better). Anyway, if you’re in the market for a new read […]

  • Returning to freelancing after a break: What I learnt

    I’m about to start freelancing for the second time in my working life. The first time was after redundancy, when I did a series of contracts before taking the plunge and working from home as a freelancer for a couple of years. This time round it was an active choice after returning from maternity leave. What did I learn from the first time round?

  • Five Myths Stopping You From Going freelance

    This year, I’ve passed my ninth year in freelancing. Over that time, I’ve heard a lot of myths about going freelance. Some are comical – “don’t you just watch Jeremy Kyle all day?” (I’d rather poke my eyes out than watch that coffee-breathed anger management-candidate, ta). Some are understandable – “Isn’t it hard to find […]

  • Join us for StoryVEDA

    Fancy a challenge for April? Want to up your Instagram game? Want the accountability of a group of other Instagram users? You’ve come to the right place! In April, Daire Paddy and I are hosting StoryVEDA, a twist on the popular VEDA (vlog or video every day in April/August) format, focused on using Instagram Stories. […]

  • The best subscription boxes for freelancers

    subscription boxes for freelancers

    Are you signed up to any subscription boxes? One of the things I encourage freelancers to do, is to set aside time each month for fun. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of being all work and no play. I also think it’s incredibly important to reward yourself as a freelancer. After all, […]