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  • Three things to include in your Terms & Conditions: Podcast

    If Terms & Conditions are on your Boring Admin List, I’ve got a podcast (and a free template) for you! Terms and Conditions are a vital part of the freelance relationship with a client – they set the standard, and back you up if you have to refer to something in the future (e.g. late payers). In this five minute episode of The Freelancer’s Teabreak, I discuss what you need to include and why.

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  • Five people every freelancer needs in their life

    freelance support network

    Edit: This is a blog post from 2011, updated in 2018. 

    A good support structure is so important when you’re a freelancer, or you’re self-employed, particularly when you’re starting out. Having that freelance support network structure can help you get through the tough times, give you the inspiration you need when you’re starting a new project and help you celebrate your successes.

    I’ve come up with five types of people you need in your support network, who I’ve described below. What do you think? Any you would add?

    The Supporter
    The Supporter is the person that is always there, through the rough times and the good times. This is likely to be your partner, parents or your oldest best friend. The Supporter always has your back, and stops you feeling out of control when everything gets a bit much. They might not know your industry or understand your job, but they’ll understand how important it is to you.

    The Energiser
    The Energiser is the person that has a bundle of enthusiasm for your new idea or project, and helps motivate you to really push forward with it. In the company of an Energiser, you might find yourself trying or doing things you’d never normally have the guts to try.

    The Critic
    While The Energiser is a great friend to have, it can often be dangerous to listen to them alone. Which is where The Critic comes in. This is usually someone a little older and wiser, who can give you positive criticism  of your project or plan, to help you spot any flaws early on. My Dad usually fulfils this role, although previous employers and colleagues are also often Critics.

    Approaching The Critic with a project close to your heart is one of the scariest things to do, but you’ll appreciate their honesty long-term.

    The Alien
    The Alien is the person in your group that has nothing to do with your industry, and doesn’t really get it. You need an Alien in your group for two reasons.

    • On a professional note, if The Alien doesn’t understand your project or plan, you know you need to work on making the pitch or business plan clearer. Same goes for a blog post or design. Having that outsider eye can help you see how the perception of your project will be to everyone else.
    • On a personal note, spending time with The Alien usually means you don’t talk about work much. Which, as discussed in a previous blog post, is always a good thing occasionally. Talking shop all the time can be boring for others. I’m totally guilty of doing this at times. It’s only when I see the husband’s eyes glaze over that I realise I need to change the subject.

    The Role Model
    The Role Model is, unsurprisingly, the person you aspire to be in five, 10 or 20 years time. Whether you’ve got yourself a mentor or coach, you’re in touch with an old employer you admire, or you’re aiming to take over the family business, a Role Model can be a well of information and advice.

    You can find lots of lovely people that fit these categories over in the Facebook Group. Come join us! 

    Recognise any of these in your support group (or recognise yourself)? Got any more to add? Let me know in the comments.

  • Brilliant apps and tools to try in February: Podcast

    Regular readers will know I’m a huge fan of tech, tools and apps for having a more efficient, productive and fun freelance life. This week, I’ve recorded a podcast sharing three of my current favourites, from one that makes the most of your Facebook Lives and podcasts, to one to plan out your Instagram feed. In fact, the first tool I mention is the one I use to create a video of my podcast, which you can see below, with just one click!

    How to listen to The Freelancer’s Teabreak podcast

    I now have three ways you can catch the podcast! Through iTunes Through Spotify Through my YouTube channel


    Grab your phone, it’s time to up your app game!

    (Some of these links are affiliate links, but I only recommend tools I use, and I pay for all of these)

    Which apps are rocking your freelance life at the moment?

  • Three ways to speed up invoice payments: Podcast


    The podcast is back for 2018! I’ve missed recording these little snippets you can listen to while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, and this episode is one that’s particularly important for freelancers – invoice payments. How can we speed them up, deal with the late payers and reduce the stress of waiting to be paid? I’ve got three tips up my sleeve for you!

    How to listen to The Freelancer’s Teabreak podcast

    I now have three ways you can catch the podcast!

    Through iTunes

    Through Spotify

    Through my YouTube channel

    Can’t listen to the audio right now? Here’s the TL;DR (or should it be TL;DL?) version:

    • Late Payment Fees – the stick approach of charging clients who have gone past the payment deadline without making a payment
    • Early payment discount – the carrot approach of offering a small incentive (say, 4% discount off their next invoice) if they pay within a certain timeframe. This works best for me with big clients who tend to have very long payment terms, unless you offer some form of incentive to pay earlier
    • Go Cardless Direct Debit – You can now set up direct debits for clients through Go Cardless. This is particularly beneficial if they have the same amount to pay each month. Setting up the direct debit means you know your fee will be paid on a predictable date, and if they’re unhappy about setting one up it could highlight a potential bad payer.

    If you’re looking for a template for the late payment fees and early payment discounts, I have one in the Freelance Lifestash!

    Crunch Chorus also have some handy templates if you do have to chase payments.

    Do you have any methods for speeding up payments?

  • What drives you as a freelancer? A podcast series

    transactional drivers for freelancers

    What drives you as a freelancer? I’m not talking money, work/life balance or a rewarding workload (although those are all very valid reasons). I’m talking about a term used in coaching – transactional drivers. Transactional drivers are the ways in which we respond to times of challenge or stress. Even in an ideal world freelancers face tricky or challenging situations, and understanding why you react the way you do can be hugely beneficial.

    There are five drivers – Work Harder, Be Perfect, Please Others, Be Strong and Hurry Up. Reading those, are there any that stand out, or ring a bell for you? These are the critical voices that pop up in our heads when we’re dealing with tricky situations like pitching for a new project or dealing with client criticism. Understanding what your main drivers are (at the current time, the chances are that all of these will apply at some point in your life for you) can help you overcome those negative voices. For example, if Work Harder is a strong one for you, you may want to think back to where this started. Did you encounter pressure to always do better when younger? Do you now feel like whatever you do isn’t good enough? In coaching, we then challenge these drivers and work on being in control of them rather than them controlling you. Understanding your drivers can also help you identify what projects to take on, which clients are a great match and how much time you need to give yourself for work.

    Got 20 minutes? Catch the Transactional Drivers podcasts

    Last month, I recorded a series of podcasts giving a brief overview of each of the transactional drivers and how it can impact on your freelance life. You can listen to them below, in Soundcloud or by listening on iTunes. You can also take a transactional drivers quiz here if you’re unsure which one you are.

    Which driver(s) do you think apply to you right now?

  • Podcast #31: What will you do this month that’s fun?

    It’s podcast time! Pop the kettle on, grab your favourite biscuits (hell, cut yourself a huge slice of cake) and have a listen to this week’s three minute Freelance Tea break. “#31 What will you do this month that’s fun?”

    The importance of having fun as a freelancer

    You might notice a small change with this week’s podcast – I’ve updated the podcast profile image to something a little more in keeping with the rest of The Freelance Lifestyle. In this week’s podcast, I chatted about the importance of making fun a priority (and I mean fun OUTSIDE work) and rewarding yourself. Rewards and fun don’t need to be expensive – they can range from an afternoon off indulging in Netflix, digging out your fanciest products for a long bath or an activity (this month, I’m giving trampolining a try with my son). The key is that you commit to doing something on the first of the month. Often we can be so stuck into work, that we forget to enjoy some of the perks of freelancing – like taking a weekday afternoon off or working where we want.

    What will you commit to this month to add a little non-work joy?

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  • Podcast #30 Is freelancing for graduates?

    It’s podcast time! Pop the kettle on, grab your favourite biscuits (hell, cut yourself a huge slice of cake) and have a listen to this week’s three minute Freelance Teabreak: “Episode 30 Is freelancing for graduates”:

    Is freelancing right for graduates?

    One of the things I’m really passionate about is demonstrating that freelancing is for everyone, and that freelancing for grads is a very real career option. I graduated a decade ago with a degree in business, and at the time freelancing wasn’t even a suggested option. Isn’t that crazy? Teaching people about business but not how to start their own?. Ten years on, and from the graduates I’ve spoken to, it’s STILL not presented as an option.

    In this week’s episode, I’ve put together some of the reasons why I think graduates should give freelancing (or ‘the career buffet’) a try instead of jumping into an apprenticeship or a job they might not love.

    Were you told about freelancing at university?

  • How to use Snapchat as a freelancer (podcast)

    It’s podcast time! Pop the kettle on, grab your favourite biscuits (hell, it’s summer, go get yourself a Mr Whippy) and have a listen to this week’s Freelancer’s Teabreak. “How to use Snapchat as a freelancer”:

    Are you subscribed to The Freelance Lifestyle podcast? It’s free! You can subscribe on iTunes, so these quick soundbites pop up in your chosen podcast app as soon as they go live.

    Despite not being a teenager or remotely interested in being sent d*ckpics, I’m a huge fan of Snapchat. Why, I hear you cry? Because it’s packed full of freelance-friendly features that can help you grow your network, learn lots of useful tips and give people a backstage look at what you do. All while sporting the most flattering filter I’ve ever seen (seriously, who needs make up when you can contour the hell out of your face in one tap).

    Five Snapchat Favourites

    Want to give it a try? Below are five of my current Snapchat favourites.


    Amy is one of my favourite social media experts, and got me excited about Snapchat in the first place. Follow her for behing the scenes chat, top tips and occasionally puppy pictures.


    BLWideas stands for baby led weaning, but Bethany shares so much more – from activities to do with kids to cooking tutorials.


    String Story is one of the best examples of creating high quality content with themed days. I love her stuff (and she often does Snapchat takeovers).


    Liza shares a mix of science and tech facts, from what looks like a tropical island. Also, she’s beautiful. Frankly, I should hate her, but her Snapchats are kind of brilliant.


    WomenInTech is dedicated to putting the spotlight on a different woman in tech each day, handing the account over them to share tips and a day in their life.

    p.s Want to follow me? Here’s my Snapchat!