• What are your core priorities for 2019?

    Happy New Year everyone! 

    The Freelancer’s Teabreak is BACK! I’ve got a whole year of content planned for you, so keep an eye out for a new episode each week. 

    This week, the topic is all about identifying your key priorities for your business and life. If you want to take your goal setting further, come join us in the Facebook group – we’re having a Freelance Planning Party!  

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    Brand new podcast

  • Business Books For People Who Don’t Read Business Books

    Listen to the latest episode here

    It’s been a fun week here at Freelance Lifestyle HQ. I merged my Instagram accounts, so I’ll just be using my @Emmacossey account going forward. I’ve also landed a new digital client, a few new coaching clients, and a current client called me “Laxative for the creative mind”, after I helped her unblock her creative flow (she’s done AMAZING things since). That might be the best compliment I’ve ever had.

    While I was chatting away on Instagram Stories at the weekend, I shared this little meme of questions for freelancers >

    I was pretty surprised that many didn’t read any business or self-development books. As a self-confessed junkie of self development books, I thought it might be useful to come up with some business/self dev book recommendations for people who don’t usually read them.

    So, I shared them on my latest podcast episode! 

    All of the books I’ve mentioned have theories that can be applied to your professional and personal life. From one that helps you overcome your fears, to another which helps you work out the best way to motivate yourself.

    Pour yourself a cuppa and grab a mince pie (yes, they’re already in the shops!). It’s freelance teabreak time. 

    Show notes

    Where to find the books:

    The Five Second Rule: https://amzn.to/2OpZkpL

    The Year Of Yes: https://amzn.to/2Ae3jwQ

    The Four Tendencies: https://amzn.to/2AcG4U2

    The Big Leap: https://amzn.to/2PD7EyX

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  • Podcast #31: What will you do this month that’s fun?

    It’s podcast time! Pop the kettle on, grab your favourite biscuits (hell, cut yourself a huge slice of cake) and have a listen to this week’s three minute Freelance Tea break. “#31 What will you do this month that’s fun?”

    The importance of having fun as a freelancer

    You might notice a small change with this week’s podcast – I’ve updated the podcast profile image to something a little more in keeping with the rest of The Freelance Lifestyle. In this week’s podcast, I chatted about the importance of making fun a priority (and I mean fun OUTSIDE work) and rewarding yourself. Rewards and fun don’t need to be expensive – they can range from an afternoon off indulging in Netflix, digging out your fanciest products for a long bath or an activity (this month, I’m giving trampolining a try with my son). The key is that you commit to doing something on the first of the month. Often we can be so stuck into work, that we forget to enjoy some of the perks of freelancing – like taking a weekday afternoon off or working where we want.

    What will you commit to this month to add a little non-work joy?

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  • The Freelancer’s Tea Break Podcast: Do you reward yourself enough?

    Got three minutes? Plug your earphones or speaker in and have a listen to this week’s three minute Freelancer’s Tea Break podcast. This episode, I tackle rewarding yourself. Do we reward ourselves enough as freelancers? Having spoken to other freelancers, and recently finished reading Lucky Bitch (affil link), I realised how easy it was to forget to take the time to celebrate those little self-employed victories, whether it be landing a new client or aceing a presentation.

    Have a listen to this week’s episode and let me know in the comments if and how you reward yourself!

  • The Three Minute Podcast: Is freelancing for you?

    Here we go with a second podcast. It’s only three minutes long – have a listen while you’re making yourself a tea!

    This week, I’m talking about whether freelancing is for you, and looking at the following questions:

    1) Can you afford it?

    2) Will you be lonely?

    3) Are you prepared to promote yourself?

    4) Have you got a support network?

    5) Do you have the time?

    As much as I love freelancing, I know it’s not for everyone. Go with your gut feeling – and if you find it’s not for you, you can always go back to being employed!

    Based on the podcast, do you think freelancing is for you?