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  • Getting that ‘the grass is greener on the employed side’ feeling?

    Ever had that “oh god this is so hard, maybe I should pack it all in and apply for a 9-5 job” feeling as a freelancer?

    Every freelancer has at some point. Several points actually. Its a topic that comes up often in my FB group.

    But why, when you otherwise enjoy being freelance? It’s your flight or fight response kicking in, when facing a challenge.

    You have two options:

    ✈️ Flight, where you leave the freelance life

    ? Fight, where you push through, do something that scares you a little or up your pitching game.

    Don’t feel like a failure if that flight feeling kicks in. You’re not! It’s just the body’s natural reaction to a slightly scary situation (like the end of a contract, a challenging client or business growth). But if you know logically that freelancing IS for you, it’s time to start choosing fight!

    Here are five ways to ‘fight’:

    • Write down all the reasons you love freelancing. Put that list somewhere you can refer to later. It’s easy to get stuck into the details and overwhelm, but there’s a good chance there are plenty of reasons why the freelance life is for you – whether it’s flexibility, being able to control what you do, work around your family or work from home.
    • Work out what about your current situation is triggering this fear reaction. Then write down one thing you can do right now to improve that situation
    • Do something a little scary and outside your comfort zone, to show The Fear who’s boss! Get visible on a Facebook Live, email your old clients for testimonials or email a fellow freelancer to meet up for a coffee.
    • Get outside. If the weather is good, get outside for a walk. It can make a world of difference to your mood, and being out and walking nearly always gives my brain a chance to put forward a better solution.
    • Get coached! Coaching can really help you see the big picture, create a strategy, set manageable goals to get the momentum and confidence going again, and gives you tools to help with overwhelm. A coaching session can get you out of a funk, and get you feeling excited about freelancing again! You can find out more about my coaching for freelancers here, and book in a free 15 minute discover call.

  • The best Slack apps for freelancing

    www.freelancelifestyle.co.uk (1)I’ve been using Slack for a while for my business, and it’s revolutionised my freelance communications. If you haven’t used it before, it’s like a collection of chat rooms for businesses, removing a lot of the clutter from your inbox and really improving the speed of communication and decision making. With more and more businesses hiring remote talent, it’s becoming one of the easiest way to check in with everyone.

    Slack have just announced their app directory, full of bots and apps you can integrate with your Slack channel. App integration isn’t entirely new, I’ve had Asana integrated into my Slack for a while thanks to my VA Jo Shock, but it does make it a lot easier to search for and add new ones.

    Here are a few of my favourites so far for freelancers.

    • Growbot – If you’re working in a team, this is a nice app to measure acknowledgements and ‘wins’, boosting team morale
    • Birdly – I’m still testing this one, but in theory you upload your expenses (either a screengrab or pdf) and it will process it for you
    • Trello – If you’re a big fan of the project management tool, you can now import it into Slack so you’ll get updates in there every time you update it.
    • Asana – As I mentioned, this is one I already use. Every time an item is added or ticked off my Asana list, a notification pops up in Slack
    • Wunderlist – Although I use Asana for some of my project management, Wunderlist is my go-to for quick lists. The Wunderlist app will now update Slack with your progress
    • 99designs task – I know quite a few freelancers use 99designs to outsource small design jobs, and this app will update you with the progress of each task within your chosen Slack channel.
    • Google+ Hangouts – Yup! You can start a Hangout from within Slack!
    • CatFacts – Just for fun (and because cats power the internet)

    You can find all the above in the Slack App Directory (lots more to come apparently).

    P.S If you use Slack, you might also like the Slack Hacks at SlackStacks, and this tutorial for importing your Google Analytics into Slack.

    Are you a Slack user? Which apps do you rate? Let me know in the comments below!

  • It’s my 30th birthday – and I’ve got a bundle for you!

    shareasimage (22)

    Eek! I turn the big 3-0 this month (and I’m secretly really excited).

    *Hits play on the Kool and the Gang Greatest Hits album, brings out the bowls of Wotsits and Twiglets, attempts to have a boogie (which is easier said than done when you’re nearly 7 months pregnant).*

    30-year-olds seem to have their shit together. And while I’ve had a ball in my twenties (especially since going freelance), I’m really excited for what the next decade has to come. Especially as this will be my last birthday before I learn how to juggle freelancing and *gulp* motherhood.So, I want to celebrate with you – by offering you TWO birthday bundles.

    I’ve created two bundles – one for those just starting out on their freelance journey and one for those that have a little more experience.

    [su_service title=”The Beginner Bundle” icon=”icon: hand-o-right” class=”a:link {http://www.freelancelifestyle.co.uk/tbuilder-layout/birthdaybundle }”]Contains the tools and resources you need to start out as self-employed, including the 30 Day To Freelance e-course, support of TWO Facebook communities and my Pitch Slap e-course. Value £279.00 – Price of bundle £149! [/su_service]

    [su_service title=”The Experienced Bundle” icon=”icon: hand-o-right” class=”a:link {http://www.freelancelifestyle.co.uk/tbuilder-layout/birthdaybundle }”]Looking to take your business up to the next level? This is the bundle for you to ace outsourcing, collaborating, building a customer base as well as a client base PLUS a 1-2-1 with me to get a customised plan to move forward with. Value £259.00 – Price of bundle £149! [/su_service]

    You see, I’d love to move into my thirties really helping other freelancers starting up their business, increasing their client base, finding new markets and breaking through income barriers. Wonderfully, a few of my freelance friends want to join me in this little online birthday party, by adding some goodies to the bundle.

    Jo GiffordOn-Off Awesome course

    Each bundle contains essential e-courses from The Freelance Lifestyle and a medley of 1-2-1 consultations, ebooks and valuable extras from my freelancing friends – including coaching calls to help you run your business in three hours a day, increase your visibility, find out how a VA can help you, plus ebooks on adding creativity into your day and growing your contacts list.

    Honestly, I can’t believe how much is going into these packages!

    Oh, and each bundle offers a BIG discount on the full collection.

    Here’s the kicker: It’s only available between 3rd-10th April

    Intrigued? Come on over to my Birthday page and find out exactly what each bundle includes.