Today I’ve got a post for you in collaboration with Furniture At Work, who sent me over a video that really struck a chord with me.

I love that the video recognised the difference challenges of working in an office and working from home. Even down to going professional on the top, pyjamas on the bottom when jumping on a conference call!

It got me thinking – which things have we all done when working from home?

Pull out your marker, it’s time to play Work From Home bingo!

Doll up your top half for a conference call

(Bonus points if you only style the front of your hair)

Work on a particularly boring task in front of Netflix

Have a mini office dance party when a project goes well.

Get too chatty with the postman because they’re the first person you’ve seen today

Become the default house for all the deliveries in your street.

Keep a ‘postman bra’ by the door to throw on when the doorbell goes unexpectedly

Find yourself cleaning the house instead of dealing with a tricky work task

Feel irrational rage when people are noisy in your street in the middle of the day

(This was me this week when trying to record a podcast when my neighbours were having building work)

Feel a little bit jealous of people’s takeaway lunches on Instagram…

…Then realising that you can cook really amazing lunches at home/order a Dominos

Put Peppa Pig on so you can take a call/reply to an important email

Feel a bit smug when it’s 8am and you don’t have to commute to work

Fend off friends or family who assume you can drop work at a moment’s notice

Reach peak ‘I need to see humans’ status and heading to a coffee shop

Come home again and realise how much you love working from home

Thanks to Furniture At Work for sending over the video, have a peek at their site for lots of cheap office desks and more!

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