Earlier this week, I emailed my newsletter subscribers to ask what was stopping them from making the jump to go freelance. Many of them kindly replied and the answers were fascinating if not particularly surprising. Not least because they were things that have played on my mind in the past, and I’ve had many conversations with other freelancers about it.

Security and money.

Employment is safe and normal, while freelancing is risky and unstable, right?


Check out today’s video to see exactly why freelancing can actually be a safer option than employment in the current economy.

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1 Comment on Video: What’s stopping you going freelance?

  1. On this side of the pond, the typical “security” is even less! In most states, you can be laid off (or as y’all would say, “made redundant”) with NO notice, and there is no guarantee you’d have ANY severance package, let alone months of it. That’s one of the reasons I made the jump — the classic tradeoff is supposed to be freedom vs. security, and if there isn’t really any security, why not grab the freedom? Now I am indeed, as you said, making *more* money than before — my hourly rate is a bit more than the thousands of dollars I made before, and I managed to get booked solid for about ten months of the year, so I’m making about two-third more. In fact I’d love to scale back some, and have more time for saw-sharpening and working on my own projects!

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