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When someone asks you what you do, what’s your usual response?

I’ve been freelancing for nearly five years, but I still don’t know how to answer that question. Right now, I’m doing everything from copywriting and blogging to social media planning and consulting. I love the variety of my work. But there isn’t one term to cover all of it – and freelancer doesn’t cut it.

Which means I have the following options when introducing myself to others:

  • List what I do. While I occasionally do this, especially when out networking, it’s hardly the most interesting option. And it all sounds like I have a scatter-gun approach to business rather than offer the whole digital content package.
  • Tailor it to my audience. This can be a great option if you’re looking to give your services a little sales boost. For example, when meeting a business owner with no social media presence, I’ll mention my social media services first.
  • Introduce myself as an entrepreneur. I’ll be honest – I’m uncomfortable with this term. Like the term ‘blogger’, I think it’s developed a bit of a reputation. It also feels like a label others should give you, not one you should give yourself.
  • Create a term. Recently, I’ve been trying out Digital Content Consultant. It covers social media and online content, and hopefully comes across as more professional than ‘I’m a freelancer who writes and tweets stuff’.

I still don’t think I’ve found the right answer. In fact, the world of digital media changes so quickly that it’s hard to find a correct label that is applicable for more than a few months. But Digital Content Consultant seems to work for now.

How do you introduce yourself as a freelancer?

10 Comments on Hi, my name is Emma, and I’m a freelance….er….

  1. I’ve been having this dilemma recently, only yesterday my friend
    told me ‘blogger’ isn’t a job and I get some serious eye rolls from people when I call myself a ‘freelancer’ as they seem to think I’m sitting on my backside watching This Morning 5 days a week.


    • Wow. Kinda patronising! What do they think the basics are for a job? I’d love to see a freelance doubter try freelancing for a week – then they’d know how much harder we work!

  2. As I’ve expended services beyond web development to include content and social media, I’ve found I have the same issue. I have no idea what to call myself, and at times I just fall back on “web developer” completely out of unconscious habit.

    I’ve considered using the term “freelance writer” to describe some of what I do, it’s certainly got a longer history than saying “blogger”.

  3. I have the exact same problem. I like the idea of using the term digital content consultant, as it covers a lot of the basics of you do. The other issue I have is that my previous career was teaching, which everybody understands and knows. Now a lot of my teacher friends have no understanding for what I do! And try explaining it to them – Painful!

  4. Ooh, digital content consultant – I like that! I have exactly this problem – usually when I start listing out blogger, personal stylist, digital comms, freelance social media…etc. etc. I can see the person I’m talking to swiftly looking more confused. Introduced myself as a ‘blogger’ this morning and got the response ‘oh so that’s an actual job now is it?’ He he!

  5. After finding out that I will shortly be made redundant from my job in advertising and marketing sales, I’m now wondering if I can make a living on the back of my passion for food, drink and writing. I’ve been a blogger for two and a half years and have seen the perception of bloggers change so much in that time. Hopefully my experience in marketing and advertising will help open doors a little, only problem is I don’t know where the doors are, or what to call myself when I get through the door.

  6. I have the same problem! And while I realize that “specializing” would be good for branding purposes, I too enjoy the variety of my work. Therefore, I usually just introduce myself as a “freelance writer and editor” and then if the other person wants to continue the conversation, I try to follow their lead in order to give them the relevant types of work I do.

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