Earlier this week, I was contacted about some sliding panels you can have in your home to divide a room. I know quite a few freelancers and home workers reading this won’t have the luxury of an office area at home, or a room they can get some peace and quiet in, so this seems like a great alternative. Install the sliding panel across a section of your room (for example, if you have a large lounge or spacious spare room), and you’ve got instant office space. Then once you’re done, you can slide it back across again.

Actually, can I have one of these in every room to hide my untidiness behind? A tidy side for guests, and an untidy side where the clothes bomb has gone off?

The panels are from The Fabric Box, and there’s a ridiculous amount of choice. Here are a few of my favourites below.

Prices start from £77.84. This isn’t a sponsored post, I just think it’s a charming idea (and cheaper than building an extension!)

How do you create an office space at home?

3 Comments on Pretty panels = instant home office

    • They are aren’t they? I’d never have thought of something like that, but I quite like the idea for room separation.

  1. I’ve seen these on interior design blogs and I love them. Another idea I loved was temporary wall paper, which are good for going over your existing wall paper/wall and creating a ‘work’ space.

    I work in such a small space I can’t implement any of these. Instead I have ‘home’ space and ‘work space’. For example, the table under the window is my summer herb drying space and no work is ever allowed to go there. My desk is the top of my bedroom chest of drawers!

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