Google+ is the current darling of the social media world, with ‘experts’ claiming it’ll replace Facebook in no time.

They said the same about Twitter.

The thing is, each of the social networks appeal to a different group of people. Which is why some people have a dozen social networks, and others stick to one.

Facebook is the personal network, where you can update your relationship status, comment on other updates and share (sometimes a little too much) your thoughts on the day.

Twitter is mainly made up of media types, who care about grammar and don’t really care for passive aggressive statuses (that’s not to say they’re not still on Facebook, doing just that). It’s also where people test out their wittiest remarks.

Google+…at the moment, Google+ seems more like an extended version of Twitter. Plenty of business and social media chat, but with extended profiles and the ability to comment and share directly on updates.

So perhaps there’s space for them all. Which got me thinking about how many social media networks I regularly use.

  • Facebook: For work accounts and keeping up with birthdays.
  • Twitter: The one I use most, for personal and professional means.
  • LinkedIn: I don’t use LinkedIn as much as I should, but I’m trying to get involved in more group discussions. Additionally, I add a LinkedIn recommendation request to the invoices of clients I’ve just finished working with.
  • Google+: At the moment, I use it mainly for sharing content and keeping up with Google+ trends and social media trends in general. However, as more people join from outside the ‘social media experts’ arena, the content should hopefully evolve into something more varied.
  • Fancy: To source new products and save them in an online scrapbook. Also, superb for finding devilish dessert recipes.
  • Tumblr: For all the pretty things and Instagram shots I take, that don’t fit in elsewhere.
  • Instagram: Mainly use it to take photos of my dinner. Or fancy cakes. Or my dog. All my Instagram photos end up on my Tumblr.
  • Qype: Addicted to reviewing places, and Qype gives me the opportunity to do that while earning badges and getting the opportunity to go to free events.
  • Quora: The initial hype for this Q&A site is over, but I still like to use it to crowdsource for answers when Twitter can’t help.
  • Stumbleupon: My first stop for social bookmarking. The sexy new iPad app makes it a lot more user-friendly too. I also occasionally use Delicious and Diggit.
  • Flickr and YouTube: I’m a lurker on these two, viewing (and using for work) but rarely contributing.

So, how many do you use? And what do you use them for? Let me know in the comments!

3 Comments on How many social media networks are you on?

  1. I’m a Facebook-aholic: I don’t think anything can replace it. Facebook is unique because you can use it for so many different purposes: connecting with friends, spreading word about your projects, finding jobs, and so much more. For companies, Facebook is the present and the future – it’s one of the most powerful marketing tools! I mostly use it for personal purposes, but also to market my blog. The same for Twitter. I’m also on LinkedIn, Fancy (even though I haven’t worked that one out yet), Polyvore and Tumblr.

    • I’d agree completely about Facebook currently being unique – especially for business marketing. At the moment Google+ doesn’t have anything for brands,  although it seems like there are plans to put this into place in the future. 

      My Polyvore account is so underused, but it’s pretty much essential for fashion bloggers, isn’t it? 

  2. This has made me think i have too many profiles, but you are right, they all have different purposes. Maybe the aim of the game ought to be to create a super site? FB for photos and friends. Twitter for general chat. Google+ but i haven’t figured it out yet. Pinterest for saving pictures, pinboarding and getting lost on. Flickr for my photos. A slightly abandoned shuttercal {must start that again}. A tumblr for lurking. Linked In for work. Yes. Defo too many!

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