• Standing desks : A review by a couch potato freelancer (gifted)

    This review features the Varidesk ProPlus30, which was kindly gifted to me. I’ve been curious about standing desks for a while. I’ve heard about some of the benefits of them, from reducing back pain to boosting energy levels. One thing I’ve become aware of in the last few years, is that I don’t need more […]

  • What are the childcare options for freelancers?

    What are the childcare options for freelancers?

    Are you freelance with kids, or thinking of going freelance when you’ve got a family? Then you’ll need to know what the options are for childcare for freelancers! Thanks to Nina from the Freelance Lifestylers Facebook Group for the inspiration for this post. Prefer to listen to this post? Here’s the podcast version! What are […]

  • How to survive the summer holidays as a freelance parent

    how to survive the summer holidays as a freelance parent

    This summer will be my last one before my son starts school, and school holidays become a Real Thing. It’s all a bit unnerving as a freelancer! So I’ve been thinking about how to survive the summer holidays as a freelance parent, and I’ve come up with some survival plans! Read on, or click the […]

  • The tools I used to run my virtual summit

    how to run a virtual summit

    As someone who isn’t naturally organised, organising a summit seemed like a really overwhelming, scary project. But I also wanted to do something exciting for National Freelancers Day, with brilliant speakers who could really share something special with this lovely freelance community. Here’s how I did it!

  • Looking for accounting software? Sage review (sponsored)

    One of the most common questions that pop up in The Freelance Lifestylers Facebook group, is ‘what accounting software should I use?’ Especially this time of year, when people are keen to start better financial habits so they’re not panicking about their self-assessment again this time next year! Thankfully we’re surrounded by options, one being […]

  • Business Books For People Who Don’t Read Business Books

    It’s been a fun week here at Freelance Lifestyle HQ. I merged my Instagram accounts, so I’ll just be using my @Emmacossey account going forward. I’ve also landed a new digital client, a few new coaching clients, and a current client called me “Laxative for the creative mind”, after I helped her unblock her creative flow (she’s done […]