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For the last few months, I’ve been working on an idea which has been whirring around in my head. The idea came from seeing two pain areas for entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses and microbusinesses:
  • Needing to up their social media game but not sure how
  • Not having the budget to hire a social media consultant for a day or two a month
Social media is a huge part of the formula for business success, but for many it can feel like an overwhelming task and can bring up a lot of questions. I discovered that having a place to ask a question (no matter how simple or tricky), bounce ideas around, look for inspiration on a slow week or simply learn about a new tool, could suit your needs better than outsourcing all of your social media. You need a micro social media consultation service. And with over six years’ experience (and a whole load of digital hacks to make life easier), I wanted to help.
So, I created The Social Lite Support Group.

[su_box title=”The Social Lite Support Group” style=”glass” box_color=”#0f734e”]The Social Lite Support Group is a private 24/7 Facebook group where you can:

  • Get answers to questions you’ve been struggling with
  • Find out new ideas, tools and inspiration of what to post
  • Learn best practices to create great quality content and gain high quality followers
  • Connect with others
  • Get involved with monthly discussions and an EXCLUSIVE Google+ Hangout to discuss a social network each month
  • Free EXCLUSIVE monthly printables


We’ll discuss a whole range of topics, including:[su_box title=”What the Social Lite Group will cover” style=”glass” box_color=”#0f734e”]

  • How to get the most out of your Facebook adverts
  • How to create stunning graphics for your social media accounts and blog (for FREE)
  • How to use Google+ to grow your business
  • How podcasting can grow your audience
  • How to multi-purpose your content
  • How to deal with tricky customers on social media
  • How to automate your social media while maintaining authenticity
  • And the odd cat video, because even a digital goddess needs a break now and then


The price for this private group packed full of useful tips, discussions and help?
[su_button url=”” style=”soft” background=”#1a7172″ size=”13″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” icon=”icon: facebook-square” desc=”Subscribe through Paypal”]Just £20 a month[/su_button]
(Or the price of a pizza and bottle of wine when you’re exhausted because you spent 3 hours trying to work out why your Facebook posts aren’t reaching your fans, because Facebook have decided to change their algorithm AGAIN. I’ll be there to offer you useful tips, time-saving tools and occasional pictures of tiny dogs in duck pyjamas. Essentially, I’ll be your social media godmother!)

What are you waiting for? Hit the button below and sign up!

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