• Five ways to blog daily

    It seems like a post pops up in my Google Reader every week raving about the benefits of posting on your blog every day.  And I completely agree with them. During the 30 Day Blog Challenge (which you can see here), I saw my traffic and subscribers rise substantially.

    But posting every day is hard. I write for eight or nine blogs, and I post on half of them daily. On top of that, I work three days a week as a social media and web co-ordinator, so finding the time to post daily on my own blog tends to slip down on the priority list.

    However, I’ve been working on a few ways to increase my posts on this site, at least to several times a week.

    Build an online scrapbook for ideas

    I often come across a post, image, infographic or video that I’d love to feature on the site…then forget all about it a day later. Now, I use Read It Later (a toolbar addon that allows you to save a page quickly to read later) and Springpad (to grab all sorts of urls and media for later use). This way, I save time and collect lots of potential post material.

    Both of these tools have iPhone apps too, and Springpad also has an iPad app.You can also view your Read It Later items on the personalised magazine app Zite for the iPad, and save items from Flipboard onto RIL.

    Calender for WP:RADIOWP, July 2008
    Image via Wikipedia

    Create a scheduled spreadsheet

    Popping all your posts into a spreadsheet is a bit like unloading your brain into something a little more organised. You can see what you need to publish that day, which gives you goals and targets to work towards. If you’re using WordPress, the WordPress Editorial Calender is brilliant for this. Otherwise, a simple Google Doc/Excel doc will do the job nicely.

    Set themed days

    If you find you’re lost for inspiration sometimes, it’s worth having themed days for your blog posts. For example, every Friday could be the day you do a mini-summary of your recent blog posts/activities, and Silent Sunday is also a popular theme (and quick too!)

    Posts don’t need to be long

    For ages, I’ve been fighting the mindset that a good post has to be a long post.  But some of my most popular posts are simple infographics, videos and images. Variety is key, so a mix of long and short blog posts makes your content look interesting and stops you going a bit mental about the idea of writing a 500-word post every day. You might also want to consider video blogging.

    Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...
    Image via CrunchBase

    Write on the go

    Most of us have smart phones now, and with tablets becoming more and more popular, there are more opportunities to write on the go. Even if you don’t have the tech, you can still jot down any ideas or draft posts when you’re on the go. This is one of the few reasons why I like getting the train – it’s the perfect time to write a distraction-free post.

    Do you post every day? Any tips you’d like to share?

  • Moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress

    It’s been a long time coming, but after several false starts, technical issues (e.g. my failure to read instructions) and tedious tweaking, I’ve finally moved to WordPress.

    Thanks to tutorials by Rosalilium, Beautifully Invisible and  Techieminx, I finally managed to get around my teething problems. These included:

    • Installing WordPress. I got extremely impatient with being unable to login, only to discover it took several hours to go live. By this morning it was loaded up and ready for me!
    • Transferring my feedburner. Techiminx solved this one for me, but some of you might have a bunch of my old posts sitting in your reader. Sorry!
    • Images Thumbnails. The most time-consuming task was going through each post and uploading the images onto the server, so they showed up as a thumbnail.
    I’ve still got to go through and fill in the All-In-One SEO section for the posts, and some of the formatting needs some work, but for now I’m quite happy with it!
    Additionally, I’m loving the following WP Plugins:
    • Tweet Old Post: Does exactly what it says on the tin – sends out tweets of old posts occasionally to maximise traffic.
    • Thank Me Later: An email sent out to those that leave a comment, thanking them and reminding them about my Twitter account and Newsletter.
    • BlogGlue SEO button: Tests whether I’ve fully SEO-optimised my blog, and makes suggestions for how to improve.
    • Skimlinks: Not a new one, but easier to install on WordPress.
    • Akismet: For getting rid of any spam
    I’d love to know what you think of the blog? Anything you love? Anything you hate? Any Plugin suggestions? Let me know in the comments!