Five ways to save time as a freelancer

save time as a freelancer

Let’s talk about how to save time as a freelancer. When you’re paid by the hour, using your time efficiently is vital. Whilst it’s a running joke that freelancers work from home in front of the TV, in their pyjamas, my experience is that freelancers are more driven and efficient than some people in traditional […] Read more…

10 Ways To Be A Productive Freelancer

freelance productivity

“God, I could never work from home. I’d just watch daytime TV and sleep in all the time! I’d find it so boring.” As all home-based freelancers know, freelancing requires a sh*tload of self-motivation, discipline and drive. When you work on a daily or hourly rate, you really can’t afford to coast. And boredom? HA. […] Read more…