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What are the childcare options for freelancers?

What are the childcare options for freelancers?

Are you freelance with kids, or thinking of going freelance when you’ve got a family? Then you’ll need to know what the options are for childcare for freelancers! Thanks to Nina from the Freelance Lifestylers Facebook Group for the inspiration for this post. What are the options for childcare for freelancers? Nursery Childminder Family/friends No […] Read more…

My first month as a (freelance) mum

How are we already nine days into August? The last few weeks have absolutely flown by, and I can honestly say they’ve been some of the most challenging but best weeks of my life (sleep deprivation and dirty nappies aside). I’m afraid I’m going to indulge in a bit lot of baby talk in this […] Read more…