• The best subscription boxes for freelancers

    subscription boxes for freelancers

    Are you signed up to any subscription boxes?

    One of the things I encourage freelancers to do, is to set aside time each month for fun. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of being all work and no play. I also think it’s incredibly important to reward yourself as a freelancer. After all, we don’t have a boss to give us a pat on the back, so we need to be a good boss to ourselves.

    With that in mind, I thought it might be fun to have a look at what subscription boxes are out there, so that fun reward can pop through your letterbox when you’re not expecting it. Y’know, like when you have a couple of glasses of wine and order something on ASOS, then forget until it turns up a few days later.

    Through some online shopping and crowdsourcing, here are some of the most popular:

    Subscription Boxes For Freelancers

    Buddy box – Put together by the lovely people at Blurt (a brilliant bunch who cater to those struggling with mental health challenges), this monthly box is designed to bring you joy, comfort and inspiration each month.

    Lucky Dip Club – Socks! Pins! I mean, what could be better for someone working from home, than a pair of really funky socks every month?

    Stack subscription – If independent magazines are your thing, Stack is for you. They send you a different independent magazine each month, so you’re ahead of even the coolest hipsters.

    Bacon subscription – Does what it says on the pack.

    Happy mail from I heart homes – A cute collection of goodies for inspiring you.

    Birchbox – I’ve been a Birchbox subscriber in the past and plan to return to it. It’s a beauty box, but the feature I loved is that you can enter your skin type, hair type, interests, so it’s more tailored to you. Because the last thing this dry skinned, thick red haired girl needs is more oily face products and shampoos for blonde hair.

    I love gin – Confession: I don’t actually like gin. But most of the people in the Facebook group do. This is for them.

    Mess box – Got kids? Don’t mind mess? Love a bit of sensory play? The Mess box is for you(r kids)!

    Crown and Glory – The go-to brand for funky hair decorations has a monthly subscription. I like the idea of rocking up to every Facebook Live in a new glittery hair dec.

    The cake tasting club – Cake. Cake in the post. Why are you still here? Go, order!

    Pong subscription – I feel like the postman wouldn’t like you for this, but a cheese subscription exists.

    Bloom Box – I often look at other people’s Instagrammable house plants with envy. So signing up for Bloom Box’s monthly houseplant subscription is seriously tempting.

    Papergang – A stationery subscription. This one got recommended to me by quite a few people. Stationery is essentially really pretty crack for freelancers

    Rainbow Soul Surprise Box – Someone mentioned this in another group I’m in, and it’s perfect for those that run more soul-centered businesses or love a bit of woo woo. Boxes contain a variety of things, from moon guide and essential oils to crystals and bath soaks.

    Which subscription boxes do you rate?

  • FREE E-Course: Four Weeks Of Freelance Habits


    How do you feel about habits? Do you automatically think about good habits (exercising, tidying, maintaining a fierce manicure) or bad habits (smoking, drinking, letting your accounts pile up until the end of the year)? I’ve been devouring Gretchin Rubin’s book on habits recently, and it’s got me fired up about looking at my current habits – and how I can adopt some positive ones to boost my freelance life.

    According to Gretchin’s quiz (which you can take here), one of the most common types is an Obliger whose motivation is through accountability. But it’s tricky for us freelancers who don’t necessarily have that accountability structure at home or work.

    So, I’ve come up with a FREE e-course that will take place in the Freelance Lifestylers group where we can all get a little accountability. Each week, a new challenge will be set to focus on a different area of your freelance life:

    Health, Business, Money and Balance.

    With each of these areas, you’ll get a choice of three small habits to adopt to make your freelance lifestyle even better. Simple, huh? By the end of the month, you’ll be well on your way to a rockin’ business and life, with just a few tweaks.

    Your Four Weeks Of Freelance Habits kicks off on 4th May.

    Interested? Great! Simply pop your details in the box below and I’ll send you all the info you need. If you’re already a member of the group, you’ll automatically be able to see the posts and join in.

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