• Freelance book of the month: Be A Free Range Human

    Be A Free Range Human bookDespite the fact that I spend most of my time reading and writing online content, I still end up splurging on real books, audiobooks and ebooks all about freelancing, entrepreneurship and lifestyle. A lot of my favourite freelancers I know make a real effort to constantly update their knowledge with content online and offline. Therefore, I thought it might be interesting to start a series of posts on great books to read as a freelancer.

    Be A Free Range Human

    First up is the first book by Marianne Cantwell, who runs the community Free Range Humans. According to Marianne, Free Range Humans “escape the corporate cage, get paid to do what they love and live life on their terms.” Definitely a mission statement I can get on board with. I’ve been a fan of Free Range Humans since I read her article on ‘How To Create Your Ideal Career When No One Job Ticks the Boxes‘, which rang so many bells for me. Why should we settle for doing just one thing, when most of us have an assortment of passions? Most freelancers I know juggle a number of things, ranging from graphic design and social media to blogging and life coaching.

    What’s it about?

    Free Range Humans is a book all about creating the career you want, while ignoring the traditional rules of how you should go about it. If you’re a fan of Four-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris, this will probably tick some boxes for you too. It’s essentially about doing something you love, earning a decent amount and still having time to enjoy life. Considering how much time you spend working in life, isn’t it worthwhile working out how you can do something you actually enjoy? As someone who has never particularly fitted in well to the corporate mould and the traditional approach to life, I rather like the idea of being a Free Range Human.

    The Freelance Lifestyle verdict

    So far, I’ve only read the first free chapter, but it’s inspiring enough for me to make it my book of the month already (check out beafreerangehuman.com if you want to read the free chapter too). If you feel like you need a kick up the butt for 2013, this might be worth investing in.

    You might like Be A Free Range Human if you like….

    Tim FerrisMarie ForleoMayi Carles.

    Where to buy

    Now, it doesn’t technically launch until January on Amazon, although I hear if you pre-order it on Friday there might just be a bundle of extras….

    Have a look at the Be A Free Range Hero video for a little more info.

     What books are you hoping to see in your Christmas stocking this year?

  • Apps, eBooks and public speaking

    This past week has been a busy one. Busy in a fun way, busy in a scary way, busy in an exciting way.

    The Only Way Is Blogging

    It all kicked off last weekend, when I went to London to speak at The Only Way Is Blogging (TOWIB for short, obvs) on a Q&A panel about making a career from blogging. To be honest the idea of public speaking scares the hell out of me, which is partly why I agreed to do it. It all seemed to go well, and I was really interested to see what the other panelists had to say. It was nice to meet lots of new and successful bloggers too (even if, at 27, I was a decade older than half of them…)

    So ‘appy!

    Next up, The Bag Lady got an app! I’ve been editor of The Bag Lady for a year or so, and I’ve been writing for Aigua Media, the network TBL is part of, for over three years. So it’s exciting to see all the sites (Catwalk Queen, Crafty Crafty, Shoewawa, Dollymix, Kiss and Make Up, Trashionista, Star Trip and The Bag Lady) go mobile. You can download the app on all mobile and tablet platforms, for regular (and live) updates from the blog. On the right is a little screen grab of how it will look on the iPad.

    I’m on Kindle

    Well, my 30 Day Freelancing Challenge eBook is. You can now buy my eBook through the Amazon store, to read on your Kindle when you’re on the go if you so wish. If nothing else, my mum is excited she can tell people my book is on Amazon, and not have to explain what blogging is.

    The Rest

    BuyaPowa got in touch to ask for a recommendation for their festival products. So, if you pop over there now, you can see it in the Coming Soon section. It should go live next week, but you can pop your email in there to get an alert when it’s ready. If you’re not familiar with the co-buying concept, check out my earlier post on BuyaPowa.

    Aside from all that, I’ve picked up a couple of new clients, so I’ve been adjusting to the new workload. I’m hoping regular blog posting here will resume soon, now that I have an idea of how much free time I’ve got. I’ve also got some interesting guest posts coming up. If you’ve got any particular topics you’d like to see covered, please do leave me a comment below, or give me a tweet.

    Have you had any exciting news recently?

  • I wrote a book! The 30 Day Freelancing Challenge

    Well, it’s been a long time coming, but my 30 Day Freelancing Challenge is now available as an eBook thanks to Nikki Pilkington. And until Monday, it’s only £4! (It’ll go up to £8 then). It’s aimed at helping anyone who wants to escape the rat race set themselves up as freelance – and, as the name would suggest, it takes place over 30 days.

    Nikki has a wide range of 30 day challenges for all sorts of online services, including, Facebook, Google+ and blogging. You can find all her challenges here, and my freelancing challenges here.

    With rather excellent timing, this infographic landed in my inbox from PolicyBee. If you’re curious about freelancing, this gives a pretty good overview.

    Freelancers on freelancing – Policy Bee
    Infographic by PolicyBee Insurance

    Oh, and if you enjoyed the 30 Day Challenge, I might be working on another one in the future…