• Five ways to blog daily

    It seems like a post pops up in my Google Reader every week raving about the benefits of posting on your blog every day.  And I completely agree with them. During the 30 Day Blog Challenge (which you can see here), I saw my traffic and subscribers rise substantially. But posting every day is hard. I write […]

  • Moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress

    It’s been a long time coming, but after several false starts, technical issues (e.g. my failure to read instructions) and tedious tweaking, I’ve finally moved to WordPress. Thanks to tutorials by Rosalilium, Beautifully Invisible and  Techieminx, I finally managed to get around my teething problems. These included: Installing WordPress. I got extremely impatient with being […]

  • The Freelancer Game Of Life infographic

    I’ve been meaning to share this Game of Life for Freelancers infographic for a while, designed by Freshbooks (*cough* here’s my referral link *cough*). If you’re a freelancer, I’m sure you’ll recognise some of the scenarios. Source: Mashable Why not follow me on Twitter, or sign up to my free newsletter for exclusive monthly content?

  • Five ways to make your blog pretty

    When I first built this blog, my gut instinct was to make it as pretty as possible. In the ‘real world’ I’m very girly, so I figured it was a good reflection of my personality. But as time went on, I felt the theme didn’t reflect the actual content. So I redesigned it, took out […]

  • FAQs: How to get followers on Twitter

    I’m a full blown twitterholic. I have a huge appreciation for the site, as I’ve picked up a large proportion of my work through it, and made some lovely friends who I now meet up with In Real Life. Plus it really does make watching X Factor 100 times funnier. Occasionally, I get asked how […]

  • Image crediting: What images can I use in a blog post?

    Love this handy little infographic/poster detailing what you should do when you want to use an image for your blog post. It’s from Pia Jane Bijkerk, “an internationally acclaimed stylist, photographer and author specializing in interiors, still life and food”. Go check out her blog now, it’s full of loveliness. Alternatively, if the concept of […]