• How do you measure a blog’s success?

    This morning, I woke up to a Twitter DM from the lovely beauty blogger Tsunimee enquiring about how valid Google Friends Connect is as a measurement of your blog readers. A lot of beauty bloggers seem to use it as a guide to how popular their blog is, and to an extent it does prove to […]

  • An unusual ‘mobile office’….

    Usually, when people say they’ve got a ‘mobile office’, I assume they’re talking about their laptop, phone or tablet. Y’know, something you can actually fit in your bag without giving yourself a hernia. And then I spotted this office on wheels on Fancy (click on the image to enlarge). It’s quite…compact. I’m not entirely sure […]

  • How many social media networks are you on?

    Google+ is the current darling of the social media world, with ‘experts’ claiming it’ll replace Facebook in no time. They said the same about Twitter. The thing is, each of the social networks appeal to a different group of people. Which is why some people have a dozen social networks, and others stick to one. Facebook […]

  • The beginners guide to Google+

    Do you ‘get’ Google+? A lot of people I’ve spoken to really don’t. And don’t get why they have to be on there. We have enough social profiles already, right? If you’ve read Grace Dent’s brilliant How to Leave Twitter, you’ll notice that people are going through the same stages with Google+ as they did […]

  • Blogging common sense

    Just a quickie today to let you know about a wonderful post by A Thrifty Mrs on the Blogging Rules. It’s basically a set of must-read rules for anyone starting out in blogging (or a great reminder for those who have been doing it for a while). I particularly like her points about blog disclaimers and blogger […]

  • Do you need a social media detox?

    I know, I know, another infographic! But this one is a brilliant example of what can happen when you overdo the social media. Incidentally, I have experienced the situation when someone used ‘LOL’ in a conversation. With an entirely straight face. It was somewhat unnerving. Also, I suspect I might suffer from symptom 1) Tweek […]

  • Why Become A Freelancer? (Infographic)

    If you’ve ever pondered whether to quit the rat race and become a freelancer, some of the statistics in the infographic above offer a compelling argument. It was particularly interesting to see that 93% of freelancers are happier since branching out on their own, and 62% have seen an increase in their income.  Source: Mashable […]

  • Create your own infographic


    I love a good infographic. It’s such an easy way to view a whole lot of information in one glance. And if you have the skills and knowledge to create your own infographic, it can be a wonderful way to get lots of traffic and awareness of your brand out there (especially if you get […]