• OnlyWire: Posting to multiple social services in one click

    The great thing about Twitter, is that you can often find out some pretty interesting stuff from events that you can’t attend yourself. Yesterday, BlogCamp took place and I followed the hashtag #blogcamp with interest. One of the most interesting tweets for me was this one: Sharing content to multiple social bookmarking and networking sites […]

  • Guest post: Lessons I’ve learned from Steve Jobs

    This week, I’ve got a guest post from Ebunola Adenipekun, who pays tribute to Steve Jobs Today feels like a Diana, Princess of Wales moment for the Web 2.0 and 3.0 generation. So many people seem to be touched by Steve Jobs’ passing. Here are some thoughts on his contributions to the world and the legacy he leaves […]

  • Working from home: An infographic

    If you’re a regular reader, you probably aware of how enthusiastic I am about the benefits of home working. My personal experience is that working from home makes me more productive, less stressed and I’m more confident about taking on new skills and responsibilities. So when I came across the infographic below, I was pleased […]

  • Aurasma: The next step on from QR codes

    QR codes are finally breaking into the mainstream media after several years quietly bubbling away in the background. I noticed that they’ve been used on several pages of Essential magazine this month, so readers can bridge the gap between print and online media (and see some nifty backstage video footage). I’ve also seen a number […]

  • Summary RSS feeds: Do you click through? (Poll)

    How do you keep on track of all your favourite blogs? Email? RSS feed? Chances are, most blog fans will be reading them in something like Google Reader, which gathers together all the updates from your subscribed blogs. It’s quicker, easier and simpler to read that way. It should look something like the image above. If […]

  • Five myths people believe about freelancers

    Freelancers come across a lot of myths about their profession. In the same way that non-tweeters say Twitter is “a bunch of people tweeting about their breakfasts”, people who don’t freelance have a lot of ideas about what we get up to. Here are a few of my favourites: “Freelancers? They’re just people that work […]