• Are you introverted or extroverted?

    Ever read something and thought “Wow, that’s exactly how I feel”? That’s pretty much how I’ve felt recently when reading about introverts and extroverts. Obviously, these are not new terms to me. But I’ve always looked at them in quite a basic way – extroverts are confident people, introverts are shy people. I grew up […]

  • Poll: How healthy is your freelance lifestyle?

    “When I go freelance, I’ll go to the gym three times a week at off peak times! And I’ll have time to make healthy meals and take long lunch breaks away from my desk, walking in the park….” Hands up, who’s said something along those lines to themselves before going freelance (or if they’re considering […]

  • The Three Minute Podcast: Is freelancing for you?

    Here we go with a second podcast. It’s only three minutes long – have a listen while you’re making yourself a tea! This week, I’m talking about whether freelancing is for you, and looking at the following questions: 1) Can you afford it? 2) Will you be lonely? 3) Are you prepared to promote yourself? […]

  • The Future World Of Work (Infographic)

    At the moment, I’m reading ReWork, a book by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson all about how our current perception of how a business should work isn’t how it has to work (thanks for the recommendation Kerri Chalk!). The pair explain how people doubted their business would be successful when none of them worked […]

  • Poll: How long have you been freelancing?

    Last week’s poll was all about the worst bits of freelancing. Overwhelming the biggest bugbear of freelancers is chasing clients and invoices. Surprisingly 27% found working on their own the hardest part (although not all freelancers work from home on their own), and 18% struggled with a less secure income. Another 18% worried about dealing […]

  • The Weekly Freelance Challenge

    Welcome back from the weekend (or rather, welcome to the extended weekend – hurrah for Jubilee bank holidays!) This week, I wanted to do something a little different. I’d like to set a small challenge each week for those freelancing or working from home, or thinking about doing either of those. I’ll take part in […]

  • Five essential freelance and blogging reads this week

    This week’s been an interesting one for news. Facebook have finally got their butts in gear with scheduled posts for pages (although as Hootsuite has offered this for a while along with multiple accounts, I’m not entirely sure they haven’t left it too late). They’ve also added multiple levels of admin permissions, which could be handy […]