• 12 Chrome Extensions To Be More Productive As A Freelancer

    Chrome Extensions

    Ah, Chrome. You came along with your sexy array of Chrome Extensions and saved us from the hell of Internet Explorer. Anyone else develop an eye twitch when meeting someone who is *happily* using Internet Explorer by choice? I’m a terrible browser snob. Chrome Extensions are the perfect way to add a little superpower to your […]

  • How to deal with loneliness as a freelancer

    How to deal with loneliness as a freelancer

    When you work from home, loneliness can often be an unfortunate side effect. For some of us who identify as an introvert, working from home is the ideal – away from the small talk, constant chatter and people time of an office job. But for others, the days can be long, far too quiet and […]

  • Three Ways To Set Boundaries As A Freelancer

    Three Ways To Set Boundaries As A Freelancer

    One of the most common themes that comes up in The Freelance Lifestylers group is boundaries. Whether it’s setting them with clients or with family and friends. The problems usually arise when boundaries haven’t been set – it’s much harder to push back if you haven’t set a standard from the beginning. If you’re just […]

  • Freelance Life: The Opening Of The Lexicon in Bracknell

    The Lexicon Bracknell

    This weekend, I was invited to a blogger breakfast at Bill’s in the newly opened The Lexicon shopping centre in Bracknell. If you’re a long-term resident of the Berkshire area, there’s no doubt you’ll have heard about the Bracknell regeneration, not least because it’s been in the works for 30 years! Bracknell’s reputation hasn’t been […]

  • Freelance Life Favourites: August

    freelance life

    Hello, and welcome to a new series on the blog! This is going to be a regular column sharing some of my favourite products, experiences and people. A peek into my freelance life (with the highs and the lows!). August, with its mix of hot weather and lots of people on holiday (including potential clients), […]

  • Working From Home Bingo

    Working from home bingo

    Today I’ve got a post for you in collaboration with Furniture At Work, who sent me over a video that really struck a chord with me. I love that the video recognised the difference challenges of working in an office and working from home. Even down to going professional on the top, pyjamas on the […]

  • How my job-hopping years prepared me for self-employment

    How job-hopping prepared me for self-employment

    This week we’ve got a guest post from the lovely Michelle Abrahall, a member of the Freelance Lifestylers group and a graphic designer, illustrator and copywriter. I loved the idea of this post she suggested, as I know quite a few freelancers have a history of job-hopping a little before settling into freelancing (myself included).  […]

  • What are the childcare options for freelancers?

    What are the childcare options for freelancers?

    Are you freelance with kids, or thinking of going freelance when you’ve got a family? Then you’ll need to know what the options are for childcare for freelancers! Thanks to Nina from the Freelance Lifestylers Facebook Group for the inspiration for this post. What are the options for childcare for freelancers? Nursery Childminder Family/friends No […]