• Pretty panels = instant home office

    Earlier this week, I was contacted about some sliding panels you can have in your home to divide a room. I know quite a few freelancers and home workers reading this won’t have the luxury of an office area at home, or a room they can get some peace and quiet in, so this seems […]

  • Poll: How do you deal with difficult clients?

    Difficult clients. Eurgh. At one point or other, all freelancers have to deal with The Difficult Client. Every difficult client is different – there’s the fussy clients (you will literally never please them), the ‘always one last thing to do that’s not part of the original contract’ clients, the never-reply-to-email clients or, my least favourite, […]

  • How to improve meeting effectiveness

    Work in an office? Chances are, you probably spend a decent amount of your week in and out of meetings. In previous jobs, I used to watch colleagues jump from meeting to meeting with various different departments. Often, the meetings were only useful for one member of the team, or involved lots of dithering about. […]

  • Poll: Where do you find most of your clients?

    One of the things I get asked most often about freelancing is how to find new clients. The truth is, it’s a real mix of things. Originally most of my clients came from Twitter and word of mouth. Now, I tend to get more from networking events like Ladies Who Latte and through my blog/website […]

  • The Weekly Freelance Challenge: Fit in 30 minutes of exercise daily

    Confession time people: I’m not a natural fitness fan. I’m more commonly found on a sofa than doing yoga. But with falling energy levels, poor health and an upcoming wedding, I’ve had to re-assess my previously lazy routine. Plus, all the evidence suggests that regular exercise will improve concentration levels, productivity, reduce stress and . […]

  • Flipboard continues to be a blogger’s best friend

    Bloggers in general read a lot of stuff. A LOT. When we’re not reading other blogs, we’re flicking through Google+, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, or have our noses in a good old’ fashioned book. It can all get a bit overwhelming at times. This is one of the reasons I adore the Flipboard app. It’s […]