• 7 Ways To Earn Passive Income As A Freelancer

    Earlier this week, I was listening to one of Claire Mitchell’s excellent bitesize The Girls Mean Business podcasts about passive income. I can’t find the exact quote now, but essentially she mentioned at one point how growing her business and boosting income was often as simple as introducing a new e-product or passive income service. […]

  • Win! A 12 month free subscription to FreeAgent

    Have I got a competition for you! Some of you may know FreeAgent is my accounting software of choice. I don’t recommend anything unless I really love it, and I honestly believe FreeAgent has improved my efficiency and reduced my stress when it comes to invoicing and accounting. A few of the reasons why I love […]

  • FREE E-Course: Four Weeks Of Freelance Habits

    How do you feel about habits? Do you automatically think about good habits (exercising, tidying, maintaining a fierce manicure) or bad habits (smoking, drinking, letting your accounts pile up until the end of the year)? I’ve been devouring Gretchin Rubin’s book on habits recently, and it’s got me fired up about looking at my current […]

  • Three surprising perks to going freelance

    You’d think recording a three minute weekly podcast would be a breeze. Especially as I don’t tend to faff about with editing it. But this week, it took me three attempts at recording this episode. Attempt 1 took place in my car. I had dreams of recording a breezy podcast while driving like Russell Brunson’s excellent […]

  • How to be a happier freelancer

    happier freelancer

    Hey lovely freelancers! I’ve got a slightly longer podcast for you this week (don’t worry, it’s still just under 10 minutes.) You can also find a transcribed version below, if you prefer to read your words rather than listen to them. This week, it’s all about how to get back in the happy zone when […]