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Want to be a freelance success? You don’t have to go it alone!

The thought of going freelance is exciting and a little bit terrifying, right?

Does the below sound familiar?

  • You daydream of quitting that job that makes you dread Mondays, setting up on your own and working on projects that truly excite and empower you
  • After a few G&Ts down the pub, you complain to your friends and family about how dull you find your job, and how you’re not sure how you ended up doing what you do.
  • 70% of your conversations with your partner revolve around how unhappy you are in your job. (They’re a little bit fed up of telling you to do something about it. )
  • You’re looking for a career to work around your family, or want to earn a living while jet setting around the world
  • You get through your commute to work by visualising yourself sitting at your desk at home doing something you LOVE, rather than wedged between half a dozen people on a packed train towards a job that doesn’t give you butterflies each day.

But the journey to doing something you love, and going freelance, can seem daunting – especially when you’re not sure where to start or what to do next. The most common reason why people are nervous about making the jump? Money and security

Here’s the secret: Your job security is, on average, 30 days. The length of your work notice. As a freelancer with multiple clients, you’re actually MORE secure, as is your income, because you’re spreading the risk. You’re not relying on one employer.

Tempted by freelancing?

The Freelance Lifestyle is here to take you through every step of your journey – from registering as a sole trader, to finding and dealing with clients, marketing yourself and chasing late payments.

What is the 30 Day Freelance Lifestyle E-course?

The 30 Day Freelance Lifestyle E-course is the kick in the pants you need to really get the ball rolling as a fully fledged freelance. It’s for anyone who wants to go freelance, or has started taking the first baby steps but wants guidance on not only starting their own business, but starting a SUCCESSFUL business.

How does the 30 Day Freelance Lifestyle E-course work?

The 30 Day Freelance Lifestyle E-course is based online on Fedora, which means you can dip in and out of it in your own time. It’s a mix of small and medium tasks so there’s something for every kind of day – whether you have a couple of hours or 30 minutes.

Each daily task will take you one step closer to your freelance goal, and includes a short podcast version for those of you who (like me) prefer to learn through audio. I like to keep things short, sweet and to the point, so each podcast will be just a couple of minutes long – perfect for listening to on the commute to work or while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil for your morning cuppa.

What else do I get?

You’ll also have access to an EXCLUSIVE private Facebook group, where you can chat to other freelancers and discuss how you’re getting on. It’s the perfect place to grab some advice, discuss some new approaches or simply get a second opinion. You’ll be working alongside your fellow Facebook group members on each task, so you can discuss how you’re getting on.

I’ll also be holding monthly mastermind Hangouts on Google+, where you can pick my brains and bounce ideas around with other freelancers.

What does the E-course cover?

  • How to write a freelancing business plan
  • How to find your freelancing niche
  • How to find your target market – and how to win their business
  • How to organise your freelance finances
  • How to draw up a contract
  • What tools to use to make the most of your time
  • Getting motivated – and what to do when you miss office life

What are other people saying?

[themify_quote]Emma provides a straight forward, practical approach to getting a freelance business off the ground. Embarking on a freelance career is daunting and can be overwhelming, but the course is broken into practical, achievable steps that really help you take action and tackle the ‘where do I start’ indecision I know I was paralysed by. If you action even just a handful of her suggestions and tips you’ll be well on your way to establishing a successful freelance career, but it really is up to bit the bullet and get going.[/themify_quote]

[themify_quote]I would recommend The Freelance Lifestyle eCourse to anyone wanting to set up their own freelance business. The course covers everything from setting up, registering self employed to how to pitch ideas and setting up your rates. Rachel Gully[/themify_quote]

[themify_quote]I genuinely loved this ecourse, and would recommend it to all freelancers, whether you’ve been working for yourself for a while, are a complete newbie or are still thinking about making the leap. There are brilliant resources, links and discussions about pretty much every freelancing topic under the sun – from structuring your working day to creating and growing your own little brand. To be honest, Emma is a bit of a freelancing superhero: full of creative ideas, awesome suggestions and can answer any question you throw at her (no matter how random!) … she is fab. The course has increased my confidence and provided me with some really valuable practical advice about running my own little freelance business. I found it very inspiring! Kathryn Carr[/themify_quote]

[themify_quote]As a new freelancer I thought the Freelance Lifestyle e-course was really really useful – just what I needed to get myself organised and work out my priorities. Emma’s friendly and helpful approach guided us through each of the tasks and gave us pointers when we had questions. It was also great to interact with other freelancers on the Facebook group to share knowledge and tips.Nina Lenton[/themify_quote]


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