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Ten skills you’ll learn as a freelancer

freelance skills

As a freelancer, you do all of the roles in your business that would traditionally be allocated to different employees. You are your own finance, marketing, admin, sales and client management departments. This means you build up a bundle of freelance skills which makes you very valuable to clients. Oh, and we tend to have […] Read more…

Businesswomen: Are we being patronised?

Affirmations. Dream boards. Meditating for an hour over a visualisation of diving into a pool of money, Scrooge McDuck-style. A quick browse through any of my social media feeds will have half a dozen mentions of these things. It can feel like an attractive notion – imagine a rich, successful future as a businesswomen and […] Read more…

How to be a happier freelancer

happier freelancer

Hey lovely freelancers! I’ve got a slightly longer podcast for you this week (don’t worry, it’s still just under 10 minutes.) You can also find a transcribed version below, if you prefer to read your words rather than listen to them. This week, it’s all about how to get back in the happy zone when […] Read more…