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Freelance Life: The Opening Of The Lexicon in Bracknell

The Lexicon Bracknell

This weekend, I was invited to a blogger breakfast at Bill’s in the newly opened The Lexicon shopping centre in Bracknell. If you’re a long-term resident of the Berkshire area, there’s no doubt you’ll have heard about the Bracknell regeneration, not least because it’s been in the works for 30 years! Bracknell’s reputation hasn’t been […] Read more…

Working From Home Bingo

Working from home bingo

Today I’ve got a post for you in collaboration with Furniture At Work, who sent me over a video that really struck a chord with me. I love that the video recognised the difference challenges of working in an office and working from home. Even down to going professional on the top, pyjamas on the […] Read more…

What are the childcare options for freelancers?

What are the childcare options for freelancers?

Are you freelance with kids, or thinking of going freelance when you’ve got a family? Then you’ll need to know what the options are for childcare for freelancers! Thanks to Nina from the Freelance Lifestylers Facebook Group for the inspiration for this post. What are the options for childcare for freelancers? Nursery Childminder Family/friends No […] Read more…