Over the last few weeks, I’ve had a few people ask me about retainers. Usually along the lines of ‘what the hell are they and should I be offering them?’

*Insert dad joke about braces*

Fran Swaine, a freelance friend of mine that some of you might know from the Team Red Hangouts, is a bit of a pro when it comes to retainers and she kindly agreed to do a hangout with me to go over the basics. Tune in to see us chat about the pros, cons and opportunities for freelancers to use retainers – and why it could be one of the best financial moves you could make.

Regular income, a better relationship with my clients and a more long-term agreement? What’s not to love? I haven’t actually done a lot when it comes to retainers – but after chatting to Fran it’s certainly something I’ll try to do more.

What do you think about retainers? Do you currently use them? What are your experiences?

2 Comments on What is a retainer and why should you offer them? Fran Swaine explains!

  1. Braces? I thought that over there, that meant an alternative to a belt, for keeping your pants, er I mean trousers, up….

  2. Retainers are super, my goal was to get more and just secured 2 so happy with that! Even though they’re still short term it still gives me a good idea of my business in 3 months. Definitely recommend people look into this.

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