As a freelancer, I try where possible to buy through other independents to support the industry. To be honest, this isn’t a hard task with marketplaces like Etsy and Folksy around. Etsy in particular is a treasure trove of goodies, especially for freelancers and home workers. If there’s something you can think of, it probably exists – even if it’s really weird (this is where I’d usually link to you the sadly now defunct Regretsy for a round up of some of the worst things on Etsy).

Here are just a few of my favourite picks.

Top, from left to right

Which Etsy shops would you recommend? Do you shop from independents? Let me know in the comments below!

3 Comments on Shopping with independents: Etsy buys for freelancers

  1. Thanks for sharing. I love so many of these. May have to purchase the ‘deadline’ door hanger for my cubicle at the day job. 🙂

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