Where do you usually come up with your best ideas? When hard at work at your desk? In a serious business meeting?

I don’t know about you, but my brain usually shifts into creative mode when I’m doing something else entirely. Places like:

  • The shower. Which is why I’m eyeing up this Aqua Notes notepad.
  • While driving. My best blog post ideas pop up in my head while driving. I used to jot it all down once I’d finished driving, but now I have Siri I can shout it out into a note.
  • At the gym. Hahahahaha….yeah, this doesn’t happen very often. When I’m not hating every second of it, an idea occasionally pops into my head.
  • At 3am. These ideas aren’t usually my best.

Point being, you need to take a break sometimes in order to be at your most creative. Get away from your desk and go have a little adventure. Spend time with people who inspire you, or make time to be on your own. Create a creative environment at home where you can relax and think. Switch off your tech. Try something new. Anything to free your brain up a bit.

There’s nothing better than getting a really good idea. Give yourself the chance to do that!

What are your top tips for getting creative?

4 Comments on The A-Z of Freelancing – Creativity

  1. Absolutely – I find if I concentrate on something else my trusty subconscious will whir away and come up with brilliant things, without me even knowing I’m doing it! The shower is also my number one place for ideas, but playing video games works really well for me too!

  2. Going for a long walk in the countryside always works for me. It’s amazing what stepping away from the laptop, getting some fresh air and allowing your mind to wander can do. Sitting on the beach gazing out to sea has the same effect. Always take a notepad!

  3. Pretty much the same – going for a walk, cooking or soaking in the bath (must check out those Aqua notepads!)

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