how-toWant to make money part time, alongside a job? I’m not talking thousands here, but potentially a couple of hundred pounds a month if done well. It’s not as hard as you might think. Here are five fairly simple ways to earn a little extra money in your spare time…

Park some money in your account

Rent out a parking space – If you’re out for most of the working day, and you live in a town centre or near a train station, this is for you. You can rent out your parking space easily, using sites like Depending on your location, you can earn up to several hundred pounds a month, for very little effort.

Snap up some cash

Love taking photos? Have a skill for getting a great shot? You can earn money from your photos. There’s a great guide over on The Next Web about selling your photos online.

Money in the hand for handmade products

Online marketplaces like Etsy (USA) and Folksy (UK) let you set up a little online shop to sell your products. It’s a great way to get your handmade products seen, without having to invest in a website. You can sell almost anything on there, from greetings cards and posters to jewellery and gadget cases.

Make a bid for it

Offering a service? There are a bundle of sites you can go to, to bid on jobs that need doing. I’d recommend checking out Fiverr, People Per Hour and, occasionally, Guru. You won’t earn as much as if you got the job direct, but every little helps.

Pet Sit/walk

If you love animals, and have some spare time during the day, pet sitting or dog walking is a great option. Many people prefer to have a visiting pet sitter rather than a residential pet sitting job, so you may need to have a CRB check.

Matched Betting

Matched Betting might sound a bit odd, but essentially it’s a way of taking advantage of sign up offers bookies offer, balancing them against an exchange so you break even, then use the bonus money they give you to make a profit. If you want to give it a try, Profit Accumulator (affiliate link) talks you through your first two bets for free where you can make a profit of up to £45. It’s not something I would recommend to anyone who has a very addictive personality or gambling issues, but in theory if you stick to the process there’s no risk. Have a look on Google or YouTube for some reviews. People can earn anywhere from £250-£1000+ a month, and it’s tax free!

Do you have any other suggestions for how to make money part time? Selling products and services? Jumping on eBay? Odd jobs? Let me know in the comments!

3 Comments on Five ways to make money part time: Make the most of your free time

  1. There are some legitimate sites out there that pay you to take
    surveys and play games. It isn’t a replacement for a job but can make you some extra money in your free time. I use it on the bus and on long trips and have made enough money to add a few things around the house every month. Its worth a try and it’s US based so it’s actually legitimate.

  2. To earn some revenue when you are skilled person is not something difficult nowadays, You need to have skills combination of technical and presentation (selling). If you of that kind, it means you can work from home, there are couple of freelancing website nowadays where talent is respected especially the one we have PICKLANCE.
    What you need to do in order to become a successful freelancer,
    – Make a profile which is eye catching, it doesn’t mean indecent.
    – Present your skills in a compelling way, always put your portfolio which is not just one line but detailed.
    – Quote reasonable unless you get good ranking (which is self marketing once built).
    – Always bid the job which you are already aware of more than 90%.
    – Always respect your deadlines.
    – Communicate effectively and timely.

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