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Today, most people go back to work. Begrudgingly in many cases, I suspect (actually I know this for a fact – my Twitter feed was full of miserable people). Keeping all those new resolutions can be a lot trickier when work stress is piled on, and that slice of chocolate cake, glass of wine or skipping the gym for an evening on the sofa will be all the more appealing after a commute to work.

So, here’s my suggestion. Chuck out the resolutions. Trying to start ten new resolutions in one month is asking for trouble. Instead, grab a piece of paper and write out ten goals for 2013. Then split them into monthly tasks. THEN split them into even smaller tasks, to do weekly (if needed).

Additionally, throw in a fun goal for each month. Is February all about upping your fruit and vegetable intake? Throw in a dinner party goal at the end of the month, or splurge on a little herb garden for the kitchen.

I’d love to hear what your 2013 goals are, so please do share them in the comments below!


6 Comments on The Weekly Freelance Challenge: Screw the resolutions

  1. This is a great idea, Emma – so much so that I’m already doing it! I’ve set three big work goals for the year, and each month I’m planning on setting three smaller goals that help me work towards them. I think this is going to be a great way to move forward and get results (and has nothing to do with reducing my cake intake. Phew).

  2. Ooh new takes on resolutions are always fun. My biggest pre-planned goal is to start some city-agriculture on my partners balcony, with practicality the main aspect. So rather than a loving hobby I’m going to see what I can grow in small amounts of time and effort to save money or gain quality or both.

    The quasi-hobby aspect is going to be to try and document the progress both so I can plan for futures, but also so others can learn something in case all circumstances change and my data means less to me.

  3. Hi Emma – love this post, especially as I’m someone who is completely on the record as being unable to stick to any resolution for more than a month! One of my monthly goals this year is going to be to start a new website, and I’m also going to publish at least one new ebook, and find a publisher for a new print book. One of my other goals is to save up so I can take the other half away somewhere for a nice weekend, as we’ll probably be needing a treat after all that…

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