With Christmas just a few weeks away, I thought it might be nice to put together a Christmas gift guide for the freelancers or home workers in your life. Every Friday until Christmas, I’ll give you three products that would be perfect, in three different pay brackets – Over £50, £10-£50 and under £10.

I’d love to hear what you’re hoping for this Christmas too, so leave a comment to tell me what you’re hoping for in your Christmas stocking.

Over £50

The Fitbit is a clever little gadget that takes the humble pedometer to another level. It’s a “personal trainer, dietician, lifestyle coach and motivational guru”, which should be helpful when freelance life or working from home can make us a little less active. Use it when you’re exercising or just moving around on a daily basis, then upload the data. You’ll get a ton of advice, analysis and data, and it’ll even set goals for your diet and exercise going forward.

The Fitbit, is £79.99 from Firebox.


As a home worker, I often find myself getting into a project for hours, then suffering from tension headaches and aching shoulders. This cute little massager set from Beurer has a head, face and body massager, so you can give each area a touch of pampering. Although I don’t generally buy in to the ‘pink for girls’ gubbins, I do like the mix of silver and pink/purple in this set.

The Beurer Mini Massager Set, is £35.65 from Amazon.

Under £10

I was contacted on Twitter about this diary, which has pages for work and pages for home life, which makes it easier for a busy freelancer to plan their home or social life, and their business life. Clever, huh?

The Busy Life Diary 2013, is £9.99 from Ktwo Products

Go on then, let me know what you’re hoping for in your Christmas stocking!

3 Comments on Gift ideas for freelancers and home workers

  1. Wow, the Busy Life Diary looks heavenly!

    I’m going to be a little kid and just ask for a bicycle. I really, really want to learn how to cycle and move around town on a lovely bike.

    Work-wise: I’ve been arranging a 2013 planner for my mum (shhh don’t tell) as a Christmas present from Personal-Planner dot co dot uk, and now I want to get a planner for myself. It’s perfect. Planner, pages for writing, personalised cover, etc. Otherwise, I’ve been drooling about those Arc notebooks from Staples. Life would be so much easier with them. If only they had the option of adding a yearly planner. That would be great. 😀

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