With Nick Clegg outlining a proposal to give all workers the right to demand flexible working, I thought this infographic about Work From Home Fridays was worth a share. Flexible working has been available to parents for several years now, but Clegg is hoping to expand the concept to all workers, and therefore remove the stigma of flexi-working.

It’ll be interesting to see what impact this will have on businesses, especially as there are additional plans for parents to share a year of parental leave when they have a child (a practice that has been successful in several European countries). Work From Home Fridays may be one way to adopt a flexi-working approach, where employees can choose to work from home one day a week (depending on the role, obviously).

Work from Home Fridays. Join the movement!

What do you think about the potential move to increase flexi-working and rework parental leave?

2 Comments on Flexi-working – Are Work From Home Fridays the answer?

  1. Could not agree with this sentiment more – I try to work from home 1 days a week or at least at fortnight. Often I’ll work 5 hours between 5.30am and 10.30am – thats most of my working day done before staff have got settled at their desks! My employer certainly gets me from me at home…

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