Here we go with a second podcast. It’s only three minutes long – have a listen while you’re making yourself a tea!

This week, I’m talking about whether freelancing is for you, and looking at the following questions:

1) Can you afford it?

2) Will you be lonely?

3) Are you prepared to promote yourself?

4) Have you got a support network?

5) Do you have the time?

As much as I love freelancing, I know it’s not for everyone. Go with your gut feeling – and if you find it’s not for you, you can always go back to being employed!

Based on the podcast, do you think freelancing is for you?

4 Comments on The Three Minute Podcast: Is freelancing for you?

  1. Love this idea for a podcast series – The Three Minute Podcast! You should have a podcast page up on your menu bar where you embed each one so people can easily find them to listen again 🙂

    So pleased to see you podcasting!!!

  2. Very helpful podcast. I’m just getting started and surely don’t want to be lonely. Now I’m joining Business Biscotti as you’ve recommended, and yesterday I had a wonderful time at a meeting from a Meetup group of business entrepreneurs. Meetup is a fantastic place not only for freelancers, but for making friends in a new city and meeting people with the similar tastes and interests. Thank you for the podcast, once again. Can’t wait for the next one!

    • Thanks for the comment Cyn, glad to hear you’re signing up to some networking groups. You might like Jelly too, for a co-working day each month. Hope you enjoy your first Business Biscotti!

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