This week’s been an interesting one for news. Facebook have finally got their butts in gear with scheduled posts for pages (although as Hootsuite has offered this for a while along with multiple accounts, I’m not entirely sure they haven’t left it too late). They’ve also added multiple levels of admin permissions, which could be handy if you want to give others the ability to see your stats or admin notifications but don’t want others to post.

Editorial Calendar planning

There’s a great post over on Savvy Sexy Social all about editorial calendar planning to make sure you’re posting regularly. Check out Amy’s long list of blog post suggestion too, which is great if you need a little inspiration.

Google+ goes local

Great news if you’re a local business. Google has launched Google+ Local, for users to find local businesses easily. Google+ Local takes it’s info from a range of other Google products like Maps, Places and Plus, so it’s even more reason to get your business on those pages and maximise your traffic.

What should your day rate be?

Judy alerted me to this great post on freelance day rates and what the right price generally is. It’s not easy to find decent guides for how much you should charge, and this gives a fairly realistic idea.

Save 2% when you get paid: Don’t end up in the workhouse when you retire

If you’re freelance, it’s easy to forget about pensions. Especially as you don’t have a boss paying into it. But Rosie from One Man Band Bookkeeping makes the valid point that you should put 2% of your income away to make sure you’re ok for the future.

What have you been reading this week?

5 Comments on Five essential freelance and blogging reads this week

  1. Thanks Emma. It’s good to know other people think it’s important too. It’s not so easy to save for a pension/retirement when you’re freelance but it can be done.

  2. Could I also support Google Local? Google Maps is really good for SEO, even if you aren’t a local business. You can choose to put the pin somewhere near you – rather than your actual address – and I’ve had enquiries from it with zero local marketing/advertising.

    • I’ve just added myself to Google Maps, can’t believer I’d missed that! Great post about pensions Rosie, I think it’s becoming more important too with such a growing remote workforce.

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