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Whether you're brand new to freelancing, or established and looking for support and advice on how to grow your business, you're in the right place.

Hello! I’m Emma, career and life coach for freelancers.

I started The Freelance Lifestyle in 2011 to provide new (and more experienced) freelancers with down-to-earth support, and practical advice. Since then, the community has morphed into that friendly and honest place I dreamt of visiting when I first started out. The space to open up about the struggles of freelancing, to vent, and to connect with others on the same path.

From that little blog, came a podcast, a Facebook community, an online school and now, coaching.

Essentially, I help worker bees realise they can be Queen.

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Want to learn more about freelancing, or up your freelancing game, but prefer self-study? 

The Freelance Lifestyle School has a variety of courses for each stage of your freelance life, whether you want to get started with The 30 Day Freelance Lifestyle E-Course, boost your pitching skills, improving your confidence or developing healthier freelance habits. The courses are available through the Teachable platform, which means you can login and pick up where you left off!

There's something for every stage of your freelance journey. You can even find a handful of FREE courses in the school. 

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Ready to go freelance and not sure where to start? 

Need support, accountability and mentoring?

Already freelance, and hitting a roadblock?

Lacking in confidence and struggling with limiting beliefs?

I’ve got you covered. I’ve spent years building up my own freelance business. I’ve been a pro-blogger, a social media consultant, a copywriter, a teacher… but my passion is helping people just like you take the next step through my coaching sessions.

Interested? Visit my Freelance Lifestyle Coaching website and book your FREE 15 minute chat to find out more. 

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The Freelance Lifestylers is a group full of friendly, supportive and fun freelancers. Each week, we set goals, practice our pitching, celebrate our victories and offer support and advice for trickier times. Come join us!

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