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Hello! I’m Emma Cossey, and I run The Freelance Lifestyle. I started the blog in 2011 when I grew frustrated by the lack of clear, practical information out there for freelancers. I’m now a freelancing mum, coach for freelancers and social media consultant.

Lovely Things People Have Said About The Freelance Lifestyle

freelancing“The Freelance Lifestylers Facebook group is like having a team of colleagues around me. Emma has fostered a really supportive and inspiring group.” – Gemma Pettman
freelance desk“Genuinely the Freelance Lifestylers is the most wonderful place for any freelancer to be. Full of lovely, kind and knowledgeable people, it’s like having a super clever self-employed family around you all the time. An invaluable resource for all of us.” Lea Rice
freelance“Emma’s coaching sessions bring so much clarity to any project in such a short amount of time, I honestly don’t know how she does it. She basically helped me get my passive income stream up and running within half a day, AND busted through some business blocks in my client work too! She’s also a super supportive coach long after the session ends and has helped me so much by being my cheerleader. I adore Emma!” Lea Rice

“The Freelance Lifestyler’s Facebook Group is genuinely one of my favourite groups and one that I pop into regularly. It is full of lovely, kind, supportive and knowledgeable people. It feels like my virtual office and even better that they are all wonderful colleagues! The group has been an invaluable resource for me on the start of my freelance journey and I use the search function a bit like my own Google and it has never let me down! Emma is so kind and supportive and incredibly generous with her time and resources. She offers so many amazing courses for free and runs fantastic challenges.” – Cat Plummer