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Whether you're brand new to freelancing, or established and looking for support and advice on how to grow your business, you're in the right place.

Hello! I’m Emma, career and life coach for freelancers.

I started The Freelance Lifestyle in 2011 to provide new (and more experienced) freelancers with down-to-earth support, and practical advice. Since then, the community has morphed into that friendly and honest place I dreamt of visiting when I first started out. The space to open up about the struggles of freelancing, to vent, and to connect with others on the same path.

From that little blog, came a podcast, a Facebook community, an online school and now, coaching.

Essentially, I help worker bees realise they can be Queen.

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Want to learn more about freelancing, or up your freelancing game, but prefer self-study? My Freelance Lifestyle School is for you, packed full of free and affordable courses to get you started. 

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Coaching you to freelance success

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"With so much to learn and overcome working as a home-based freelancer can be hugely challenging. The Freelance Lifestyle serves as a wonderful place of support, information and inspiration on those days when you feel isolated, stuck in a rut or in need of a morale boost. Emma's practical advice and guidance is excellent while her Facebook group acts as an invaluable tool for finding support and connecting with others who understand what it's like to be the boss" Kathryn Hall, My Virtual Sidekick

Nice things people have said...

“The Freelance Lifestyle course is packed with incredibly useful content but also practical tasks to help too. It is worth every penny and then some if you’re thinking of starting up or refreshing yourself to step it up a level!” Kerri Walker, PR

"The Freelance Lifestylers blog was one of the first resources I came across when I was investigating going freelance. Having returned to work following maternity leave, I knew something needed to change. I wanted a fulfil my desire to ‘do my own thing’ and use the new found confidence I had to take action. I returned to my day job and with the advice I picked up from the blog I managed to get 2 freelance clients. That was a year ago and it has now evolved and my side hustle is a business with creative focus and freedom. Big thanks to Emma for showing me that it was possible!" Nicola Rae-Wickham, The Social Stylist

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